Hey everyone,

[SIZE=3]We just wanted to let you all know about one of the latest scripts we've added at the Apps-R-Us App Club (http://www.App-Club.com)[/SIZE]

Check it out, the application script is called Monster Fights, and comes with a preset 'Monster Fights' template.

This script is AWESOME! It allows users to collect characters, equip them with bonus weapons and gear, and then battle other users for ranks. Of course, in order to gain new characters or purchase bonus items, users must first earn virtual currency. To earn virtual currency, users will be converting CPA offers that earn YOU money, via the $uper Rewards or Offerpal networks.

These networks are the best part of running Facebook apps! They can be implemented in minutes by simply pasting an code snippet into your source code and uploading the file. Of course, complete instructions for setting up your apps are included with each package, and we also offer 3 free script installations per user per month if you need help with that process... The script is also monetized with standard banner ads that will make you money while users play the game, whether they choose to convert CPA offers for more bonus items and characters or just play the game for free with the low level items that are instantly available.

Once your scripts are installed and running, you can easily modify the template/theme/look of your apps with only basic HTML skills to create any type of 'Fighting game' that you want!

Take a look at these beautiful Facebook apps that were quickly and easily created with this script (average creation time per app approximately 30-40 minutes). Links to the live versions are below each image:




Best of all Facebook applications MAKE EASY, PASSIVE INCOME! Twilight Battles (pictured above) is the oldest of these applications, coming in at 9 days old (as of right the date of this posting) and it's already earned nearly $90 in the time since it launched 9 days ago! All of this from around only 600 users that have added the application since it launched. AND WE DIDN'T EVEN PROMOTE IT AT ALL!

That's another beautiful reason to launch your own Facebook apps. They WILL make you MORE MONEY than running websites with LESS EFFORT. This is because of Facebook's VIRAL CHANNELS, which automatically promote the application to a user's Friends and other players as they use it.

For example: every time a player attacks another user in the game, a notification is sent out to that user. Not only will this draw the user that was attacked BACK TO THE GAME, but when they return and attack another player themselves, the process repeats. In essence, this game will always have active users as a result of people using it.
Of course, the script also integrates 4 more of Facebook's viral channels as well. [/SIZE]

1) Users can invite Friends on Facebook with the request/invite form.

2) Users can invite Friends via emails (sent by Facebook's servers = outstanding delivery rates!!!) with the request/invite form.

3) Players can utilize the 'Share' button to easily post a beautiful Short Story Feed to their profile, this will also appear on other user's News Feeds, which is the FIRST page a user sees upon logging into Facebook.

4) The game also posts one-line Feed Stories to user's accounts and Friend's News Feeds when they take action in the game. Again, this is the first page users see upon logging into Facebook![/SIZE]

Remember, this is just ONE of OVER 32+ Facebook Application scripts you can [SIZE=3]INSTANTLY ACCESS[/SIZE] with membership in the Apps-R-Us App Club (http://App-Club.com) plus we add 4 NEW SCRIPTS EVERY MONTH! Couple this with outstanding customer support, frequent BONUSES and extra goodies, and 3 FREE SCRIPT INSTALLATIONS per user, per month and this is an opportunity you truly can't afford to miss. There has never been a better time to start running your own Facebook Apps! Did I mention that Facebook now has over 200 ACTIVE MILLION USERS yet? Yes, now is definitely the time to get started making easy passive income with Facebook Application scripts!