Hello, We are 5 people and making facebook accounts by orders

What we provide you?

1- a targeted facebook account with 5000 friends
2- All friends are real
3- mail attached to the account
4- All accounts are PVA
5- account old as you wish
6- 5 monetization ways so even if you are a noob you'll still be making $500-1000 from a single account

What do I mean by orders?

we are making what you order to us, example: I want a facebook account which is 4 years old and Us targeted
5000 friends

So we start to work on it and once it's done we contact you

We don't have a pricing yet so please give your offer if we like it we'll start immediately

How do you order an account?


just email me at: sindychan1 @ yandex.com

information in the email should be like:

Targeted country for friends
How many years old the account you want (example:3 years)
And your offer for the account

note: please do not pm me