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Tied in with our comprehensive roster of services, Prime Outsourcing offers the following service plans that are guaranteed to fit any business module perfectly. Our service models are ideally crafted to meet any demand, offering a kind of financial flexibility not available with any other outsourcing provider.

Our company currently offers three comprehensive outsourcing models, namely Offshore Staff Leasing, Project Outsourcing, and Prime Service Packs.

Our Offshore Staff Leasing services enable you to setup your own team of dedicated staff for a monthly basis, full time or part time. Offshore staff leasing is the most common outsourcing model and is utilized by most, if not all of the outsourcing service providers around the world. Prime Outsourcing offers offshore staff leasing services that are incredibly affordable and is guaranteed to cut costs up to 70%. Offshore staff leasing is ideal for long-term hiring and jobs that need fully focused staff.

Our Project Outsourcing model is particularly tailored for businesses focused on delivering output within a set date. This particular outsourcing model specifically focuses on a project's variables: duration of the project, deliverables, amount of manpower, and the time of completion. This model is most ideal for target focused projects and transient tasks. No longer do you need to hire a full time monthly staff for a small one week project.

Last but not the least, our Prime Service Packs simply are the ideal start-up kits for any budding online venture there is. Our service packs feature an integrated suite of services that are customized to surpass the typical tasks present in building a website. Each service offered by Prime Outsourcing features an appropriate service pack that can tend to any demand.

To know more about our current service plan offerings, please do visit our official website at www.primeoutsourcing.com.

If you decide to proceed into hiring one of our excellent staff, we would promptly send you a quote upon your request. We look forward to be working with you in the near future.


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