“Good Day”

We are selling cPanel 11 + WHM License for Dedicated Servers Only (We do not sell for VPS), Our license are Tier-1 External License with cPanel Pro.

The normal sales price is : $43 USD + Processing Fee’s.

But as I’m we are promoting our products, we are giving 50% discount for all new customers join Sept and Oct only.

So the price will be $20 USD + Processing fee’s.

Currently we accepting only Verified Paypal Payments as electronic and instant payment method, additionally you can pay using Western Union or e-gold (not preferred, however easy to cash for Asia) also MoneyBookers and Wire Transfers are accepted.

Some common Answers is included here that you may ask :

Q : Do you install the cPanel on my server ?

A : No sorry, we do not provide installation services with the default license package, however you can additionally purchase it for $7 USD each cPanel we do install.

Q : What’s included in installation ?

A : We provide full configuration need for your dedicated, such as If It’s going to use for web hosting, then we will configure spam protection system, normal DDoS shelter, brute-force notification, preferred FTP server, apache configuration, We mean everything you need and required/suite for your business.

Q : Can’t I use Dedicated License in my VPS ? and What is the different ?

A : Exactly, we do not recommend you to use our Tier-1 dedicated License in your VPS as It’s cost more but really useless because Dedicated License and VPS License mean same thing for a dedicated, we prefer you to purchase any VPS License from cPanel partners sometime which cost less then $10 USD.

Q : Do you provide MoneyBack Guarantee ?

A : No, sorry. As It’s not a services just like other, and It’s just a registration service which register your servers IP Address with cPanel’s Database, We do not provide any money back guarantee as we pay advance to cPanel Inc. for the licenses before we register it for your server. If you need a trial then you may visit cPanel.net and signup for a trial.

Q : Is it possible to switch the license without harming my data’s ?

A : As It’s an external license, you can move anytime from us to another registrar, all you have to do is notify us to cancel your registration and after we do it, you may go to another cPanel Licenser and tell them to register your IP, in while all websites will keep running like normal, peoples just will not able to login to there cPanel accounts.

Q : Do you provide customer support ?

A : We only do provide customer support once while setuping and it’s limited If you don’t purchased the installation service, after that we will no longer provide any assistant as we are just licensing your IP not providing you managed solution, however we are always here to help you with billing problems.

Q : Do I able to use cPanel 10x or any older version ?

A : If you can install then you are, all version of cPanel and WHM will be licensed to your server so you can use any if you have already installed or you can install, Note : Our installation services can not install older version of cPanel for you as It’s no longer recommend by cPanel Inc, and Version 11.11 is now STABLE.

Q : Do you provide Server Management Solution ? and Sell Dedicated Servers with cPanel ?

A : Yes, we only sell servers with cPanel and provide Managed Solution which include 24/7 Monitoring by HyperSpin with SMS & Email Support, DDoS Protection, 99.98% Uptime Guarantee, Vulnerability checking by NSASS, you may contact our sales at : [COLOR=#536d89]sales@techbd.net[/COLOR] for assistant in such issues.

Q : How do I trust you ?

A : Well. It’s a virtual place, you can trust anyone or you can not. It’s totally upto you, We’d be glade to see some of our consumers come here and post after purchase products from us, This is the only way to trust us, we recommend you to purchase license for just 1 month and use it. “If you are happy then came back, otherwise kick our butt and move to different provider”

Q : I have a question that is not answered here.

A : We are always here to hear from you, If you have any question about purchasing cPanel then please do not hesitate to contact at : [COLOR=#536d89]buywhm@techbd.net[/COLOR] or [COLOR=#536d89]sales@techbd.net[/COLOR] (if you mailing at sales then please mentioned cpanel license at the subject) also you can join our live support from [COLOR=#536d89]www.buywhm.com[/COLOR] if it’s available.

Thank you so much, and I’d like to see you in the client-tree.

~ Ahmed Nitul, OM Executive
Technojoint (Pvt) Limited., DHK, BD.
e-mail : [COLOR=#536d89]ahmednitul.dhk@techbd.net[/COLOR]
technojoint.net - com / buywhm.com

Offer : Webmasters, join our affiliation program, and earn 50% from each sales made from your website, for more information contact : [COLOR=#536d89]aff-bw@techbd.net[/COLOR]

NOTE : If you’re being asked for discount coupon code in sales conversion, please provide the link you are viewing and myname/designation as coupon code, without coupon code you will not able to purchase the license at $20 USD, it will cost you $43.