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Local Lead Generation Sites

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    Default Local Lead Generation Sites

    Are you looking for a way to increase your sales? If you need a way to generate new leads for your business this is it! We have the solution for you. By adding a lead generation website to your arsenal, you can now convert visitors to your website into buyers. Also, a focus on getting the web site on the front of the search engines was vital. These websites can either supplement your existing website, or be used as stand alone websites for you to send your traffic to. They are designed for one thing, to capture visitor information!

    Introducing Local Lead Generation Web Sites!
    This product was created after years of being a webmaster and creating sites for businesses. I realized just building a website was not enough. Having a website without considering the factors that convert visitors to a sale was like having a boat, in the middle of the ocean, with no engine. True, you would eventually get somewhere. However, who knows where, or how long it would take you!
    So I created a few sites, and honed them for maximum conversion to sale. Not only did I use all the elements of a good landing page, but I put an emphasis on search engine optimization as well. The idea was simple, to create a simple website that captured visitor information as quickly as possible and directed the requests in real time, straight to an email or mobile phone so the leads could be followed up on withing minutes of them submitting the information.

    Exclusive Fresh Leads - There is nothing better! This gives you exclusive leads, not leads that are sold to multiple companies and are out dated by days or weeks. You get these leads instantly! And they are yours and yours alone!
    • Versatile Design - These websites can be tailored to fit any need. Whether it's business, personal, products, services or hobbies. The sites can be modified as needed to attain any look and feel. The site can range from a single landing page, up to 5 pages.

    • User Friendly - One of the main issues was creating these sites so that after the sale, the client could edit them easily. I did not want them having to pay someone to make minor changes or swap out a picture. The idea was to allow them full control, from a backend that could be used by even a novice computer user.

    • Information Rich - The goal was to get your business information in front of the visitor to encourage them to take action. This needed to be in multiple places and easily accesible. Whether it's the business phone number, address, product or service, it needs to be the first thing your visitor sees.

    • Custom Contact Forms - Each form can be customized to gather the information you need to qualify the visitor as a HOT lead. No sense in wasting time calling and emailing, trying to figure out if they fit your ideal model of a buyer. Let the forms do the work!

    • Fast Information Relay - When someone is shopping for a product or service, they usually want it NOW. So it was vital that the lead be delivered to you INSTANTLY. The information comes directly to your email or mobile phone the moment they hit the submit button

    • AutoresponderSystem - When someone submits information on your website. An email is immediately dispatched to you. Then the same system can send them an automated message confirming your interest, and relaying whatever message you see fit.

    • Search Engine Optimized - These sites are designed from the start with search engine optimization in mind. Having a website is one thing, having it VISIBLE when someone searches for your service or product is another. You can't rely on chance, make sure you are on the first page!
    There are many benefits to this system, but the one most important is MORE LEADS. More leads equals more sales, more sales equals more money, more money equals more business growth.
    If you have been looking for a more affordable way to get leads, increase your customer base, make more sales, build your list and ultimately, MAKE MORE MONEY! This is it. Put your website in front of customers like a sign, don't wait for them to accidently find you! Laset target your visitors and get the sale.
    As I mentioned before, these sites can be your online business page, or simply supplement your existing website. They are so versatile that they work for ANY niche, product or service.
    You were looking for an answer to your lead problem? This is it. No more buying expensive leads from lead brokers. No more paying thousands of dollars for print advertising that doesn't really work. Nwo you have a system that can be fully in your control.
    Take control of your website visitors. Gain search engine visibility. Cut your advertising costs. Make more sales!

    And just in case your doubtful... There is a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
    These websites are custom built for each customer. So I will only be taking orders until I am filled up with work. At that point you may request to be put on the waiting list, as I will only handle orders on a first come first serve basis.
    So get your lead generation site TODAY.
    This is an introductory price to build the portfolio for this product. After 20 of these sites are completed, there will be a major price change as this product will be marketed to the general public after this offer. If you do not purchase now, I cannot guarantee this price after the initial orders are filled. By taking advantage of this introductory price, you must also agree to having your website added to our portfolio and giving us one review for our upcoming page.

    Free Bonus Gift #1 ( $100 Value)
    Keyword Research Report
    I will pick the 30 best keywords for your sites focus. They will be based on traffic and competition. These keywords will help you target the right visitors from the search engines
    Free Bonus Gift #2 ($99 Value)
    Free SEO Analysis Of Your Site
    I will provide you with a detailed SEO analysis of your new website. This way you can easily see just how optimized we have it, and what you need to do outside the website to dominate the search engines..
    Free Bonus Gift #3 ($50 Value)
    Competiton Analysis Report
    I will provide a list of your top ten competitors and exactly what links they have out there. This way you can simply mimic their links in order to overtake them in the search engines.
    Everything You Need To Get Started Right Away
    And Dominate Your Local Market! Take advantage of this offer today, never has getting leads been easier. Quit wasting money on print advertising and expensive, oversold leads. Put a system into place and generate your own exclusive leads. Use them for your own business, or sell them to someone else. They are yours to do with as you wish!
    I hope you see the value in this product. I tried to price it low enough so that anyone could afford it. My only hopes are that you will take it and use it to it's fullest extent, and MAKE MONEY. I mean after all, that's the entire point isn't it
    Introductory Price of $57
    This includes up to 5 pages, SEO optimized for 5 different key terms.
    Best of success,
    Lee Booker

    Don't forget, this price is limited to 20 pre-sale lead generation sites. After that this product goes live and the price increases. Be the first to get on board and reap the benefits!

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    nice sharing