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If you don't receive your order within the estimated deadline we send within 24 hours of your payment, your order is FREE!*
*Turnaround time varies with demand. We are currently anticipating a 3 to 4 business day turnaround.

First of all, we know that there are many, many cheaper so-called "writers" out there. We don’t claim to be the cheapest – we claim to be the best. And we claim to be the best at a great price.

If you’re happy with broken deadlines, writers that disappear for weeks, shoddy excuses, sub-par work, and barely legible content then by all means, stick with the cheapest you can find.

But if you want 100% unique, keyword-rich, awesome content that your website visitors will love and want to return to your site time and time again to read, then give us a try.

Not only will you get great content from great writers, every order is proofread for grammar, accuracy and clarity by native English-speaking, college-educated, English and journalism majors.

You will NOT be disappointed. That’s our guarantee.

Article and Website Content

We know that not everyone loves to write like we do. You concentrate on making and marketing your websites and let us take care of providing your visitors with great, relevant content that they’ll come back for again and again.

Successful websites enjoy repeat visitors that turn into repeat customers. We can help you obtain that level of success and maintain it at a great price.

Current Rates for Website Content and Articles:

Up to 10,000 words:
$2.00 per 100 words
(ex: Twenty 500-word articles)

10,000 words up to 25,000 words:
$1.75 per 100 words
(ex: Fifty 500-word articles)

25,000 words or more:
$1.50 per 100 words
(ex: One Hundred 500-word articles)

*Please note our minimum length for each article and newsletter is 200 words. When ordering, please specify the topics of each article you would like written and up to two keyword terms you would like each article to focus on.

Information Products, Ebooks, and Special Reports

Whether you want to give your website visitors a valuable "freebie" special report so they’ll opt-in to your lists in droves, sell them a high-quality information product/ebook that they’ll line up to purchase, or both – Content Writers, Inc. has you covered.

Our writers have authored dozens of ebooks that have been distributed on Clickbank, PayDotCom, Amazon’s Kindle, and even the distributed on other e-readers such as the iPad. They’ve also written hundreds of short reports to be distributed to website visitors in exchange for opt-ins and to kick off effective word-of-mouth viral marketing campaigns – with your affiliate links strategically placed inside, if you so wish.

This service is perfect for new websites that you’re struggling to monetize and established sites with plenty of you want to monetize and create even more value for.

Current Rates for Ebooks, and Information Products:

10 page ebook – $149
25 page ebook – $299
50 page ebook – $499

*Please note our minimum length for each information product is 5,000 words. We will communicate with you via instant messenger, email, or PM about your goals for each project to make sure that you get exactly what you want the first time, every time.


You’ve worked hard to get visitors to your website and to get them opted-in to your list. Keep them coming back and convert them to paying customers by giving them great content in the form of a newsletter sent out periodically that helps further establish trust and the relationship that reminds them why your site is great.

Current Rates for Newsletters:

Single Newsletter – Try out our service and see the response we generate from your opt-in list. -$25
6 Newsletters – Save $50! Reach your visitors once a month for half a year! -$100
12 Newsletters – Save $75! Reach your visitors once a month for a year! -$225
26 Newsletters – Save $100! Reach your visitors every two weeks for a year! – $550
52 Newsletters – Save $300! Reach your visitors every week for a year! – $999

Press Releases

You already know that press releases done well are immensely beneficial for promoting your website, product, or service. From the possibility of being featured on news sites big and small resulting in a ton of traffic to the hundreds of backlinks they create, press releases done well can catapult your site from obscurity directly into the public eye. Our writers will work directly with you to craft a press release that is professional, newsworthy and creates real buzz about your website.

Current Rates for Press Releases:

$100 press release – no distribution
$250 press release – full distribution


No one knows copywriting better than us!

We are staffed with several copywriters that are experienced in creating web sales copy that converts, period. We don’t let anyone on our staff create sales copy that hasn’t proven they can convert visitors into customers.

We know you’ve worked tirelessly to meticulously build a website, get the traffic, and select the perfect product – now let us help you ensure that your visitors will buy that product with the perfect sales copy.

Current Rates for Copywriting Projects:

$200 – 500 word sales copy
$350 – 1000 word sales copy
$500 – 1500 word sales copy

Important: I know that your content needs are unlikely to fit neatly into any pre-set package deal so contact me via PM, email (Contact[@]ContentWritersInc[.]com) or one of the our instant messengers below so we can put together the best content at a great price for you today.

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