A reliable platform for perfect web hosting. Get Robust and High-Performance Dedicated Servers, with managed solutions to individuals and small business.
With 24x7 Technical support provides constant monitoring for all kind of servers from Dedicated to VPS.

Virtual Private Server Offerings:

>> 512MB RAM- 1 CPU Core- 40GB Disk Space- 1000GB Bandwidth
➠ 12.99/month
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>> 1.5GB RAM- 2 CPU Cores- 100GB Disk Space- 1500GB Bandwidth
➠ 16.99/month
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>> 2GB RAM- 3 CPU Cores- 150GB Disk Space- 2000GB Bandwidth
➠ 20.99/month
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>> 3GB RAM- 4 CPU Cores- 250GB Disk Space- 2000GB Bandwidth
➠ 29.99/month
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>> 4GB RAM- 4 CPU Cores- 400GB Disk Space- 2500GB Bandwidth
➠ 42.99/month
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>> 8GB RAM- 6 CPU Cores- 750GB Disk Space- 4000GB Bandwidth
➠ 59.99/month
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