An Opt-In is simply Cambodia Email Address an individual who sees your AD for "free information" and within this AD you have placed a form for them to fill out. This form ask for their name and email address so you can Cambodia Email Address send them the free report. When you receive their info, you send them your free information, be it a report, ebook or software. Since they've "requested" your information, you cannot be Cambodia Email Address accused of spamming. This, by the way, is the ONLY way to do email marketing.

I know, from experience, how critically important it is to have "Your Own" opt in email list when you begin your internet marketing business. Cambodia Email Address It's the most important item you could Ever create and will EVER have in your Business. Read That Last Sentence Again...I'm ain't kiddin. You can't make money on the internet any other way. Cambodia Email Address I don't care what type of product, affiliate program or service you may doesn't matter. Having a good opt in list of your own is going to be the thing that catapults Cambodia Email Address you from just making a few bucks on the net, to "Doing it For a Living". And once you have this Opt-In List supporting your life, your family, and all your whims and wants Cambodia Email Address, you'll never want to go back to that boring 9-5 again.

Trying to get Cambodia Email Address someone to buy on the first attempt is a losing proposition. Folks will have to see your ad 5-7 times before they will ever consider a purchase. They may see Your Ad only once. And then on top Cambodia Email Address of that, if you're lucky, you might make just ONE SALE. But if you have their name and email address and you have a list you send your recommendations to, you'll make Cambodia Email Address more than one measly sale ... you'll in fact, make many, many sales.

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