Awesome now perhaps revamp the profitable guides... a lot are obsolete and almost all the methods recorded as"F2P" involve using members-only features to actually achieve the listed profit, with no mention of the change if you are really confined to F2P. Also could add a few strategies for btw. It's obvious these haven't been looked at in years, and as somebody who took a break from RuneScape and recently returned, it is somewhat disappointing not to see any of the content listed in there. The list is really how I recall it, unfortunately. Pretty sure Zulrah is not the boss in RuneScape anymore lol.

New OSRS player feels that the pain of Underground Pass

I have never seen him as mad as he was during tune of the elves. Holy shit that he was reverting back to his native speech. As soon as I went ahead and got 269 quest points I was immediately met with two brand new master level quests. It took me a couple of months to discover the inspiration to perform both Song of the Elves and The Fremmenik Exiles.

I gotta do exiles but that I rushed the majority of the big quest lines simply to make them out of the way and to not worry quite as much about pursuit requirements for any material. Setting aside a big chunk of your day to do mm2 or sote fucking sucks but when you finally finish it nothing compairs to the sense of relief and the power to call everyone else that has not went through this hell a noob.

Afterwards occasions I did it I realized that it wasn't really bad, overall a pretty"cozy" quest-line. Elf quests are a few of my favorite for sure, tied together with the storyline. I have yet to find an mmorpg with quests than RS.