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Google Panda Vs Google Penguin..!

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    Default Google Panda Vs Google Penguin..!

    Hello friends,

    What is Main difference Between Google Panda or Google Penguin..?

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    Default Re: Google Panda Vs Google Penguin..!

    Google Panda
    Google Penguin
    The Idea Penalize websites of low quality and those with low quality content.It is first introduced in 24th February, 2011 with the name of Farmer Update in USA. Bring down websites that violate Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and use black-hat SEO techniques
    Date of First update February 2011 April 2012
    Also Known as Farmer Update Over Optimization Penalty.
    Number of updates Panda had over 24 updates till March 2013, last being on Jan 22, 2013. Penguin had just three updates since its launch in April last year.
    Purpose Bring the high quality and content sites on the top of search engine rankings Bring the high quality and content sites on the top of search engine rankings
    Surviving the algorithm change
    • There are no two ways about surviving Panda than to make an update in the website and get rid of all those low quality pages, content and keywords.
    • Over-optimized pages need to be checked.
    • Websites that have been hit by Panda need to work on brand awareness and social media networks in a new campaign.
    • The webpage(s) that have been affected need to be isolated from those that weren’t harmed.
    • Black hat SEO techniques need to be abolished because Penguin is smart enough to deal with all websites indulging in these practices.
    • Avoid excessive link building, doorway pages, keyword stuffing, and meaningless and irrelevant content.
    • Creating content for other blogs and websites and socializing content.
    • Relevant use of keywords and absolute refrain from all kinds of stuffing.
    Google released any tool to recover ? NO Google introduced A new tool called “disavow links tool” – see the Google webmaster central blogpost
    Recovery choices for websites Panda is basically an on-page problem, so the main changes need to be on the website. Check for pages with no or little content, as well as, for plagiarism. Creating elaborative pages with FAQs and more for a website should help. Check for the links to find if there are from the same domain name or IP address, so that links don’t look like purchased. The links should not just be direct links to the website, because websites that have followed such polices have seen dip in the rankings. Disavow tool can be helpful in getting rid of too many links that are just associated with the keywords.
    Penguin genuinely focuses on penalizing unnatural links that are causing changes in the search results intentionally.
    How do The algorithms affect a site? It is possible that an entire site is affected through panda. Usually single pages of a website are not targeted in the algorithm. Panda doesn’t look for think contents but the overall content, so in websites where little original content and more duplicate or thin contents are present, those are likely to be fully penalized. Penguin generally affects one part of the website on a page and keyword level. Unless spammed for too much keyword usage on the entire, Penguin doesn’t damage the entire site.
    Does a recovery request help? No, because the changes are overall. No, unless a manual warning is issued, and even in such warnings, recovering is next to impossible.
    Does manual removal of links needed? No, because content is more important here. If time permits and one wants to avoid relying totally on Disavow tool, then definitely manual link removal is helpful.
    By when sites can recover? If the duplicate and thin content has been done away with, then probably by the next refresh. Should take time in recovering as refreshing is not frequent. Google has announced an update but with no date specified.
    Detailed tips and tricks to recover Tips to recover from Google panda Tips to recover from Google penguin
    When is the next update ? No idea 4th penguin update going to happen soon in the month of May, 2013. source : Matt Cutts Twitter

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    Default Re: Google Panda Vs Google Penguin..!

    Thanks dennis About Panda & penguin useful Information...

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    Default Re: Google Panda Vs Google Penguin..!

    Thanks dennis to differentiate Panda & penguin useful Information...