I have a question re backlinks from 2 different sites linking to me. And when I say 2 sites, I mean ALL OTHER THINGS BEING EQUAL (so we won’t go off on tangents about relevancy, dofollow vs nofollow [though, for the sake of the article, both will be dofollow], number of on-page outbound links, etc).

Site A, NY Times, whose page (a relevant article) with 0 backlinks has a link to my site.

Site B is a Wordpress blog with an OK backlink profile (say, Moz DA rank of 30) whose page (an equally relevant article with the same length and depth as the NY Times’) has 1000 backlinks, and this page links to my site.

Which backlink will be worth more to my site? Site A page’s or Site B pages? Again, for the sake of this argument, we’re assuming ALL OTHER ELEMENTS are the same besides the backlink profiles. Thanks!