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Classic ASP Vs ASP.Net

This is a discussion on Classic ASP Vs ASP.Net within the Programming forums, part of the Web Designing & Development category; The ASP (Active Server Pages) for the first time and issued in December 1996. Since then has been through considerable ...

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    Default Classic ASP Vs ASP.Net

    The ASP (Active Server Pages) for the first time and issued in December 1996. Since then has been through considerable changes and had developed and designed for new ways to develop websites and Internet applications over a period of time. There are two major Asia-Pacific:

    O classic ASP and

    In major weight on the structure of class n in developing applications and a separate data presentation, business logic and data access layers. In ASP Classic mixes these layers leading to inefficient solutions with a huge structure is difficult to sustain. object oriented approach to software development where ASP support layers. Only available scripting VBScript and Javascript in Asia and the Pacific, where as, in there are no such restrictions.

    You can use .net compliant languages with C # and like, both in server-side languages as in Asia and the Pacific only VBScript and Javascript are available as options for use. Then is interpreted ASP pages and code is compiled. run only on Microsoft ASP traditional platforms but can run on the platforms, but Microsoft also. Asia and the Pacific under inetinfo.exe IIS (Internet Information Server) and space process can lead to application failures due to start and stop process used by IIS. While process separate from inetinfo.exe and unlinked IIS tackle isolation settings. The debugging process easier in

    ASP classic HTML cannot be separated, which makes it difficult to read and maintain page executable code. Code block may be in ever when output is to be shown. This limitation is overcome by the code in the server controls. HTML and Web server controls created on the server attribute requires to work. This attribute indicates that the page will be processed on the server. At the same time implies that the attached controls can be accessed by the server scripts. Be "server controls" validation feature in It provides many time and developers do not have to write functions for Asia and the Pacific. Inline validation increases the reliability of the application. Through this double can perform validation on client and server side.

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    Default Re: Classic ASP Vs ASP.Net

    Classic Asp:-ASP is run under the inetinfo.exe(IIS) process space and hence susceptible to application crashes as a result the IIS needs to be stopped or restarted. ASP is related to the process isolation setting in IIS.
    The ASP.NET worker process is a distinct worker process, aspnet_wp.exe, separate from inetinfo.exe ( IIS process), and the process model in ASP.NET is unrelated to process isolation settings in IIS.