Like abounding Web agreeable authors, during the endure few years accept been abounding occasions if I charge to apple-pie a agglomeration of HTML files created by chat processor or deployment package. Initially, I was charwoman up files manually, accessible anniversary one in turn, accomplish the aforementioned set of updates for anniversary one. This works accomplished if you accept alone a few files to fix, but if you accept hundreds or even bags do, you can actual bound be searching at weeks or even months of work. A few years ago anyone put me on to the abstraction of application Perl approved expressions to accomplish this operation "clean".

Why address an commodity on Perl approved expressions I apprehend you say. Well, that's a acceptable point. After all the Web is abounding of tutorials on Perl approved expressions. It was found, however, if you try to amount out how I can handle HTML files, I begin it harder to acquisition educational programs that accommodated my criteria. I'm not adage it isn't, and I couldn't acquisition it. Sure, you can acquisition acquaint and explain aggregate you charge to apperceive about approved expressions, you can acquisition abounding tutorials on how to affairs in Perl, and even how to use approved expressions in Perl scripts. Unless I can acquisition though, it was a tutorial answer how to accessible HTML files or one or added text, and accomplish updates to these files application approved expressions, and again save and abutting files.

And objective

When you convert documents to HTML always aim to achieve a smooth transition from the source document (for example, a word processor) to HTML. The last thing you need to book your content spend hours or even days, select the HTML code uncluttered after converted.

Many applications and provide excellent tools to convert documents to HTML in conjunction with cascading style sheet (CSS) are well designed, can produce perfect results often. Sometimes however, the little bit of HTML code that a little chaos, usually produces about authors not to apply paragraph tags or styles correctly in the source document.

Why Perl?

Why good Perl language to use for this task because it is excellent at handling text and files that let us face it, all the HTML files. Perl is also actual criterion for using regular expressions you can use to search for and replace/change bits of text or code in a file.

What is Perl?

Perl (practical extraction and report language) is a general purpose programming language, which means it can be used for anything you can do any programming language. Having said this, Perl is very good at some things, and not so good in other countries. Although you can do it, will usually develop user interface in Perl and it would be much easier to use language such as Visual Basic. What good is a Pearl processing text. This makes a great choice for handling HTML files.

What is "regular expression"?

Regular expression is a string that describes or matches a set of strings, according to certain syntax rules. Regular expressions are not unique to Perl--and many languages, including JavaScript and PHP can be used-but Pearl healing them better than any other language.