Trust me, Mmoexp Madden 20 coins is that retarded! EA has had sport dividing glitches like this for years. NCAA and older Madden have lots of them, thankfully they are much better games though.

Madden 20 is broken in every facet. Then there are the times when evident incomplete passes will probably be called as fumbles since Madden doesn't take arm motion into account.

Or when a player suffers a ground forced fumble that's recovered by the defense and stands even after a review.

Ball mechanics and general precision are also glitchy. Like when your QB who has 99 short accuracy bullets a pass straight to a defender rather than throwing to the wide-open curl. Or if the ball gets tipped into the air and comes down into a defenders awaiting arms literally EVERY TIME! What about retirements? Why would 40+ year old players rust off on rosters instead of retiring? The single position that retires properly in my expertise is QBs, literally no other position! Madden sucks but it is the only football game worth two cents left on the market.

The absence of detail in franchise would be abysmal