If you plan on starting any business that could generate pollutants such as chemical waste, detergent washing, fly ashes, smoke emissions (including cooking smoke), and medical waste, to name a few also referred to as trade effluents. You will need to apply to the Punjab Pollution Control Board and obtain a pollution license or consent to establish your business.
This consent to establish will obtain before starting the business.Once the setup state is complete, you will have to apply and obtain a consent to operate ( CTO). This CTO will usually be valid for five years, which may vary from State to State.
The Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEFCC) has built up the standards of the order of modern areas dependent on the Pollution Index, which is a component of the outflows (air contaminations), effluents (water toxins), dangerous wastes produced and utilization of assets. Examine the rundown of ventures that the Central Pollution Control Board has determined as requiring contamination permitted in the red, orange, green, and white classification.
As the name proposes, the Red classification industry has the most exceptional contamination list, such as substantial assembling enterprises, enormous lodgings, emergency dispensaries, etc. The orange classification is a moderately medium-sized endeavor, which creates nearly elevated levels of contamination. However, the Green classification is the arrangement of the business with a low contamination Index. Lastly, the white class, which is non-contaminating.