Odoo e-commerce is easy to use and highly customizable, it is based on an open ERP platform. It provides so many features that will help you in your business and it is a cost-effective business solution for you. Odoo eCommerce features enhance the performance of all online store processes. Most importantly this Open Source eCommerce allows you to manage inventory and also enables you to add or remove products. Important to realize it has features that process payments, compute taxes, and fulfill orders effortlessly. Odoo eCommerce purchase order software supports B2B eCommerce as well as retail stores by simplifying online store management for both. Important to realize, robust features and functionalities of Odoo eCommerce have powerful integration capabilities. Important to realize, the security of your customer data and your store is very important.

Odoo takes security very seriously and it offers additional security features. It includes fraud protection and monitoring for DDoS attacks. OpenERP eCommerce makes management of online stores simple and convenient.