However, for the customer support people? Their department is organised as a way to reduce cost as mywowgold WOW Classic. Dealing with this type of scenario isnt something that they do.

Blizzard naturally is notorious for this but in all honesty its pretty much every client service section is structered now.

Security via obscurity--the less information they provide about their methods (such as activities you did to trigger the ban), the less information there's for people attempting to bypass them. Whether it's worthwhile to do things such as this (or even when it works) is another question, but that is what the companies believe.As A player should I play WOW Classic to get the story that is original

Scoring play apart, I think we can all agree that the challenge system in Madden is broken and sucks chunks. The makers have talked about how they don't app Madden to make mistakes, which explains why the challenge system is really a joke. There are times I wish I could struggle but when Madden programming viewed the guy in boundaries, even if he really steps over the line, it is not likely to reverse. It is a joke.