A business looking to sell products (in many US states) need to have a seller’s permit, even if it doesn’t want to collect sales taxes. However, in some states, you have to pay sales tax for shipping charges and gift wrapping. Having a seller’s permit exempts you from sales taxes.However, in some states like New Hampshire, Oregon, Delaware, and Alaska, you need not get a seller’s permit as they don’t have any statewide sales tax.
States impose a sales tax on most products. It can vary from state to state and also on-
  • The type of products and services
  • If online transactions in the state are eligible for sales tax

Business details- You need to provide all your business details such as business type, date of establishment, area of operation, bank account, etc.Here’re some of the most common questions that are asked during the sales tax registration process-
  • Give the complete details about your business—whether you established it or bought from someone
  • Provide the complete details of the products and services you provide (along with NAICS codes)
  • When does your state start collecting taxes
  • What are the estimate sales taxes you will collect
  • In case you’re operating from multiple locations, whether you will fill consolidated returns or not?

Listed below are the documents you have to provide for verification purposes-
  • Your driver’s license
  • Bank details
  • Names and other details of the suppliers
  • Your social security number