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    Published on 08-09-2012 02:00 PM  Number of Views: 2529 

    You've built a new website for your offline business, or started an online business. Your website looks great, the design perfect - but without targeted traffic it won't do you much good! How can you market your website, attracting droves of potential new customers or leads? Putting a website in front of the right people is one of the hardest aspects of online marketing for most marketers. Without traffic, you're "dead in the water," so to speak. What can you do?

    Here are ...
    Published on 07-09-2012 07:30 AM  Number of Views: 2463 

    Content marketing has experienced something of an explosion in popularity in recent years. Articles, blogs, info-graphics, whitepapers and online videos have provided businesses with platforms to boost their reach and attract new customers.

    But with the emergence of social media, there's suddenly lots of content out there - so how can content marketing be used to help an organization stand out from the crowd? Just follow these 10 straightforward steps…

    Be creative. Creative ...
    by Published on 04-19-2012 05:00 AM  Number of Views: 2239 

    It seems that the long-rumored Google's cloud-based file storage service is finally expected to be launched sometime next week. The product will called Google Drive and it will be purely focused on file storage and synchronization. It will offer services similar to what Dropbox, SugarSync and other cloud based file storage services currently offer.

    Google Drive will be offering users with 5GB of free storage compared to Dropbox which gives users 2GB of free storage for signing up. Users ...
    by Published on 01-09-2012 06:40 AM

    VNC is a remote desktop sharing system that will allow you to connect your home PC to a GUI (graphical interface) hosted on your VPS, for easy remote management. This guide will walk you through the steps required to setup and access a VNC server hosted on a Debian VPS.

    Before beginning, ensure you are logged in to your VPS as the root user, and run the following:

    # apt-get update
    # apt-get upgrade

    1. Install GNOME:


    The mailing list is an extremely important component of all Email marketing initiatives. There are several ways to get one – rent one, buy one or subcontract the entire email marketing function to a services provider. Any of these methods are at best a short term solution and at its worst a morale buster on account of poor list quality leading to poor results.

    All serious Email marketers invest time, effort and money in building high quality lists. The results of any email marketing ...

    Blogging can be a powerful means to generate high volumes of traffic to your website. But if you want your blogs to be more visible on the web, you need to more than just blogging.

    Here are the tips on how you can drive traffic to your blog.

    1. Use keywords and phrases on you blog titles. In order to optimize your blogs on search engines, use all the keywords and phrases which people use to look for information under your niche. When your website becomes more popular on ...

    Every internet marketer knows that you need to rely on the search engines if you want good traffic that comes to buy what you're offering. The more links you get that point to your site from sites that are considered 'authority sites' the higher you'll rank within the search engines. If you don't work on your links, then you'll never get ranked very high for your target keywords. If you want lots of backlinks, and you don't want to do all that work, keep reading for some time saving tips.
    by Published on 01-14-2011 01:30 PM  Number of Views: 5015 

    When making the decision to hire an SEO firm to assist online marketing strategy, it is best to bear in mind that the firm chosen will play a vital role in the triumph of the advertising campaign. What decisive factors should be deployed to determine which firm is capable of meeting the needs of the company and how should the success of an SEO service be measured? Unfortunately, for the majority of businesses working with an SEO firm success is measured purely on page rankings.

    Truthfully, ...
    by Published on 11-11-2010 04:35 PM  Number of Views: 2629 

    Writing online press releases can help boost your business's online credibility significantly as well as help you get valuable information out to your customers and potential customers. If there is a particular event coming up, a current promotion or exciting news dealing with your company, it's a great idea to share that information with people who are interested, your customers.

    Sending out press releases to journalists as well as distributing them to online press release sites and ...
    by Published on 10-20-2010 04:30 PM  Number of Views: 4032 

    Having a hard time finding a great web hosting service for your website? Go ahead and look for these top five qualities in every potential service provider and soon you’ll find the web hosting company that’s right for you!

    1. Provides Immediate Tech Support

    Your web hosting company must always give 24/7 support in case you encounter technical and troubleshooting problems. They must have a team of IT experts who can solve any issue and get your website running ...

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