• Traditional Promotional Strategies That Still Work Today

    Most businesses today rely on various online tools to promote their brand, products or services. In most cases, they don't pay a single cent for this marketing strategy since sharing posts on social media sites is free. As such, this is a popular marketing and advertising technique since it's free and any post they share can be seen by millions of potential customers found on the Internet.

    But even in today's modern world, there are still some traditional, old-fashioned promotional strategies that can do wonders for one's business. This means that these techniques still work and can effectively help a business achieve its marketing goals.

    What are some of these traditional promotional strategies that would still work today? Read them below:

    Old-fashioned networking - Businesses today usually carry out their networking tasks via the Internet. However, you can also do this in the real world. When you attend conferences, special events, trade shows, or general meetings, interact with the organizers, speakers, and other guests. By building your network, you'll have higher chances of having your business known by other people through referrals or word of mouth.

    Always carry some business cards - Make sure the people you meet during events and in other places or situations remember you and your brand by giving them your business card. Business cards provide tangible information for your newly met connections and potential clients. Business cards are also particularly useful during networking events.

    Invest in press releases - Press releases are usually published online today. However, you can go one step further and have them published through traditional means, too. If you have press releases posted online, have them published in local newspapers and magazines. You won't spend too much on this since you will only be advertising locally and not nationwide.

    Make full use of your personal or company vehicles - Go mobile - literally. Use the company vehicle, your personal car and even those of your employees as mobile advertising devices. You don't need to have the whole vehicle spray-painted to advertise your business. Medium-sized stickers would do. You can also consider offering existing loyal customers a discount or a free product if will let you advertise on their vehicles as well.

    Promote your business using other products - Lastly, don't underestimate the power of promotional products, particularly the useful ones. For instance, you sell natural juice and nutritional supplements. Have something printed about your products on the sides of water bottles sold locally. Just do your research properly. Start by looking up print marketing tips for ideas on fonts, colors, and proper placement on different promotional products.

    Author: Jeremy Tweddle
    Author Notes: Learn more about effective promotional strategies here.
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