• Why You Should Focus on Conversions Not Traffic

    You, and every other online business, are obsessed by traffic.

    Religiously, day in day out, you're checking your analytics to see how many visitors your website is getting and where they are coming from.

    You smile smugly as you see your visitor numbers increase; you are invincible because you are brining in 10 times the traffic of your competitors.

    So what?

    If you're that amazing, why are your competitors making more money than you?

    What's happening to your traffic?

    Running a business is tough. There's so much to think about and only a finite amount of money to reinvest.

    You probably started out with an 'OK' website that you got cheap and filled with content yourself. With a bit of help from your SEO guy (or girl) you've got traffic heading your way in droves, but something strange is happening.

    When you look at your sales (i.e. conversions), they aren't reflective of the number of visitors you're getting.


    Because your website and its content isn't up to scratch.

    Look at it this way, if you have a High Street store with a stunning window display, potential customers will flock through your doors. When they get inside, if your products are haphazardly strewn here and there and your sales team are loitering in corners discussing what they're going to be doing at the weekend, ignoring them, the chances are they'll turn round and find a different shop that's more welcoming.

    Well, that's what's going on with your website.

    Your SEO guy/girl has done an amazing job luring people to your website, but because you've got a dreary site with awful content, they're leaving straightaway.

    Yes, SEO is important to get people to your website, but it's the design and, more importantly, the content that will get them to stay and buy.

    Convincing people to stay and buy

    Your website copywriting must:

    Address the reader directly

    Sell the benefits of your products and services

    Convince them to buy

    One of the most common mistakes is to write about your company. This comes across as very inward facing and ignores the needs of your customers.

    When they reach your website they want to instantly see what it is you offer, how it will help them and why they should buy it.

    If you write in the second person (i.e. using 'you' instead of 'we' - just like this blog post) you are instantly creating a relationship with the reader. It's as if you are talking to them - it's the written equivalent of eye contact.

    Using this technique, show them the benefits of your product. That doesn't mean the colour, size, technical spec etc., all that comes later in the product description. They will want to know how it will make their life easier.

    SEO and content go hand in hand

    If you want to succeed online, you must invest in good search engine optimisation and great web content.

    Find a copywriter who really understands the concept of search marketing and who can create content that fulfils the needs of both Google and your customers. It's a fine line to tread, but one that will bring incredible results when done well.

    A good SEO and copywriter is a dream team - when you find yours hold on to them and don't let them go.

    Author: Sally Ormond
    Author Notes: Sally Ormond, Briar Copywriting, is a professional copywriter, SEO website copywriter and advertising copywriting with extensive experience in both B2B and B2C markets.

    To have a chat about how she can help you send an email to sally@briarcopywriting.com or call +44(0)1449 779605.
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