• Dropbox Folder Sync! The Cool New App For Hassle Free Syncing With Dropbox

    Well, most of us use Dropbox to sync our folders. However, a problem that you will encounter is that, only folders placed in the Dropbox folder will be synced. What if, you wish to sync, say your browser profiles, a saved game status or a music library? The only way to do it is you will have to make a copy manually and place it inside the Dropbox folder. And again, what if your folder is updated? Worse, you will have to do this all again. This can make your file management difficult. The fact is we wish all our important files and folder can be synced in Dropbox. How cool would it be, if there is a way to sync any folder with DropBox right from the place it is with a couple of clicks?

    That is exactly what this cool new software, Folder Sync App offers. The software allows you to sync any folder with Dropbox with ease. All you have to do is, right click the folder that you wish to sync and click ‘Sync with Dropbox’. The application will automatically place this folder inside the Dropbox folder and create a symbolic link pointing to that folder in this location. And don’t worry, un-syncing is equally simple. Just right click the symbolic link and select ‘Unsync with Dropbox’. The app will do the rest. It will automatically remove the symbolic link and place the original folder back. Amazing isn’t it?

    Want to know what the app actually does in a Sync action? As soon as you click on ‘Sync with Dropbox’, the app,

    • Moves the folder you click to Dropbox. Creates a symbolic link at that location pointing to the corresponding folder inside Dropbox.
    • So you can access the same folder from two locations. This is particularly useful when you are syncing folders like music library, browser profiles etc., Normally when you sync, you have to move the files into the Dropbox folder. So applications making use of these folders will throw a ‘File not Found’ error. You will not face problems like these while using Folder Sync App.
    • Symbolic links are created using the junction utility that is automatically installed with the app.
    • If a folder with the same name already exists in your Dropbox, then it asks if it should merge & overwrite. If you do not wish to merge, it moves the folder to Dropbox with a modified name.
    • The only thing that you have to take care of is while syncing, do ensure that no file in the folder is locked by any process.

    Author: jameer
    Author Notes: You will never again worry about syncing folders with Dropbox. Secure sync and backup any folder on your PC with Dropbox whilst keeping your folder structures intact using Dropbox Folder Sync.
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