• How To Engage Customers on Social Media Sites

    So you have a Facebook Page, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc. Now what? Social Media experts have set etiquette guidelines, content strategies, tips for building a following, and tips for keeping them. That's a lot of information! So I'm going to try and make it easy for you by summing it all up.

    Let's start from the beginning. First, according to Social Media Consultant Jeff Bullas, you need to 'define and understand the target market.' Ask yourself 'who is my target market, and what are they interested in?' Next, you need to build your fans. Invite customers through email, use the promotion options on Facebook, and post links to your social Media sites on your website. These are all ways great ways to build your audience. You can then set the tone. Something that Social Media has done is that it has broken the barrier between businesses and their customers. The goal is to be perceived as part of the market. Social Media sites have allowed companies to humanize themselves by talking like their market when commenting back. Now, it's time to post. Start by making a content schedule. There are four types of content: conversation, pictures, links, and products. Not sure what content will work with your followers? Try a two week trial of content. Keep doing what works, and stop posting what doesn't. Also, mix in company updates with all your other content. Be careful with your posting frequency. DON'T SPAM! Again, this is a trial and error situation. Lastly, know how well your sites are doing by monitoring and measuring feedback. Facebook insights are a great way to do so.

    In a webinar hosted by Wildfire by Google, Jeremiah Owyang has compiled a general content strategy. Use clever, simple postings. Be short and to the point. Post relevant content; ask your customers what they want to see when they log in. What types of information would they be most interested in? Multimedia is key! Post pictures and videos. Jaime Oikle recommends hosting a photo contest. Post videos that are captivating and effective. Entertaining content is also good, as long as it is appropriate. Direct your audience with specific instructions or calls to action, such as "'like' if you agree!" Real time engagement resonates with the public, just be careful about who you could offend. Be tasteful! Don't take serious, potentially dangerous situations and make a joke about it. Every social media site is a little different from the rest. For example Twitter and Facebook are very different in what you post and who uses it. Twitter moves a lot faster than Facebook, so it's very important to be active, and be timely in your responses.

    Overall, Social Media is a great business tool. By breaking down the barrier between business and consumer, you can open up the communication lines to better serve your customers and build your business. To do so you must understand who you're talking to, what they want to see, and respond in kind. To start out a lot of content posting is trial and error. Learn from what does and does not work. Remember that variety is the spice of life, and post different types of content, and don't be afraid to post calls to action. Track how you're doing. It's a great feeling to watch your reach grow!

    Author: Alyssa Rhoades
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    Image Credit: By RRZEicons (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons
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