• Are Your Blog Posts Being Noticed?

    Given that top bloggers and writers are usually experts in marketing, they are always looking for new ways to communicate with their audience and capture their attention.

    Today I am going to look at some of the best ways to engage with your readers through your blog posts. These are just a few tried and true, simple ways to improve your connections and really get them interested in the message you are delivering.

    Create Visual Images

    Thinking about common words such as motorcycle, cricket or travel, what do you notice about the way they make you feel?

    Now think about an extension of these words like Harley Davidson Motorcycle, The Ashes Cricket Series, or travel to Bora Bora. Did you notice a change in the way you feel?

    The answer is usually yes! The reason for this is because the use of words in a phrase referring to a specific thing creates a distinctive feeling that we already associate with in our minds. The difference is the focus on a specific as opposed to an abstract feeling. As a result I believe we are able to create an emotional connection, which is vital when the intent is to hold someone's attention and interest.

    The key point here is that you are no longer talking 'at' someone in your blog post, now you are truly 'communicating' with your audience. When you get someone's emotions involved and their imagination focused on creating an image of whatever you are discussing they become actively involved in the conversation.

    Tell A Story

    If you see the phrase, "the sand on the beach was hot", there are likely to be visual images you retain in you mind that you associate with the words because there are certain emotions connected.

    Add a story to the image you have created and you will capture the audience's attention even further, at which point they will become even more deeply engaged in your blog post.

    If I say, "walking on the white powdery sands of the beach, the sun burning hot on my skin, the soothing cool waters splashing over my feet, it was the best sensation in the world."

    It's easy to see how much more powerful this is when telling a story, especially when including abstract words like hot, cool or skin. The difference is subtle but incredibly powerful and most people would not even realise it. This is a useful tool to apply to supercharge your blog posts.

    Expand On The Concept

    The idea is to take a vague concept like 'beach' and expand on it by adding a physical description that helps to describe it. Here we have added 'white powdery sand' and 'cool waters splashing', simple additions that evoke a series of emotions.

    Building on the story completes the blog post. By describing events that really get the emotions flowing you force the reader's imagination into gear and they will build visual images from your words. By combining emotions and imagination your blog posts will get the reader actively involved and participating in the experience.

    The success of the blog post comes from making it personal and allowing your reader to create their own images.

    The Success Of Your Blog Post

    Engaging your reader and keeping them interested from start to finish is all about keeping them emotionally involved in the topic you are presenting. If they feel good while reading your content, they will keep reading to the end. Sometimes it doesn't even matter if the blog post is informative or practical, they must just engage fully in the way the story is told.

    This doesn't mean you should just spill out any garbage on the page. It just means that your content should always engage first because even the most informative blog post is useless if it doesn't captivate the audience, hold their attention and get them emotionally invested.

    The beauty of this advice is that it takes very little effort on your part, but the chances of improved results for your website or blog are considerable. When writing your blog posts or articles always consider these ideas as the more you put them into practice, the more successful your communication will be.

    Author: Fraser D Smith
    Author Notes: Fraser is a Freelance Journalist, Author and CEO of Pro-Content Australia - providing professional online & offline content writing services worldwide. Visit our website at http://www.pro-content.com.au Find more information at http://www.pro-content.com.au/Blog
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