• 10 Critical Tips To Consider With Off Page SEO

    All of us are aware of term SEO and it has become an important part of the internet business. Off page SEO is a prominent optimization technique which is used to get better search results for your website. A major portion of the traffic our sites receive is from search engines and hence it is very important to get a higher rank in search engine results.

    It can be achieved by systematic search engine optimization efforts and it can be broadly classified into two categories: On page SEO & Off page SEO. In this article we are going to discuss top ten tips which are very crucial for the off page SEO of your website.

    Before discussing the tips for off page SEO let me tell you what is the concept behind it. The main concept of off page SEO revolves around the process of link building or creating links that point towards your webpage. You can get a better search engine ranking by building up good quality links and the more the number of links the higher is the rank, so now let us discuss some off page SEO tips.

    #1. Build Deep links

    Most of the backlinks indicate towards the home page of the website and the other pages are always neglected. Try to create inbound links and backlinks pointing towards inner pages of the website. This strategy will result into more page impressions and links as it will expose comparatively more content to the visitor.

    #2. Analyze the competition

    With such a huge number of websites competing against same keywords, it becomes very crucial to understand your competition. There are sites like Alexa.com which provides a proper analysis of your site against your competitors. Look out for the keywords used by your competitor and the respective results, and try to find out the strategy followed by your competitor. In this way, you can get benefitted from the plus points of your competitor and achieve a better ranking.

    #3. Analyze your keywords

    It is very important to use the correct keywords for off page SEO and make sure to do a proper research on high ranking keywords. Once you are having the keywords to work on, use them as the anchor text and the important phrases in link building. The use of keywords in anchor text is very crucial for the quality of backlinks and moreover any link with your intended keyword is a plus as far as search engines are considered.

    #4. Create Unique Content

    Generally search engines keep looking for unique content and any site with fresh content is automatically listed on top of the results. Moreover it will help you in retaining your visitors and there are chances that these visitors will refer your website their friends because of the unique content. There are number of tools available to check duplicate content and will allow you to avoid posting content similar to other website, Copyscape is a great example.

    #5. Article Marketing

    One of the best methods for marketing includes writing articles or reviews about your services or products on different websites. The concept of guest blogging came into existence due to this reason only and by writing guest posts, you can give backlinks to your websites. Writing in websites with high number of visitors can be even more fruitful and there are chances that you will get good traffic from such a website.

    #6. Web Directory

    Register your website with all the famous web directories by using proper keywords and description. These web directories contain related links and act as the yellow or white pages for your website. Placing a link on these web directories will direct users looking for relevant information and you can gain some good amount of traffic from these directories.

    #7. Blog Commenting

    Blog commenting is another great way to get some backlinks and moreover you get a better exposure because while submitting your comment, you provide the URL of your website which is displayed at the end of your comment. You should try to provide relevant comments with some valuable information and it will help visitors to come to your website looking for more information.

    #8. Advertise your website

    You can even use advertising like Google AdWords for promoting your website in your niche. The overall cost depends upon the number of clicks or impressions and if you are not having a good budget then try listing your website on free ad networks. Craigslists is one of the most famous free ads posting website with huge traffic and will allow you to attract potential customers to your website.

    #9. Effective use of social media

    With the increase in social networking, search engines gives priority to these networks because of the huge number of registered users actively participating in these websites. These social networks are very helpful in promoting your business and at the same time you can build a network in your niche. Some of the most important networking sites are Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

    #10. Forum posting and Press release

    Use of forum for promoting website is one of most used and fruitful off page SEO strategy. You can take part in forums related to your website and by following proper guidelines, you will get the rights to add your website URL in your response. It can be very beneficial and will provide you with targeted traffic. Press release is another effective SEO strategy but rarely used by half of the webmasters. By launching press release, you can introduce new product to a much more targeted audience and can draw some quality audience easily.

    Off page SEO is a time consuming process and requires great amount of hard work. One more thing to consider is to be consistent in your efforts as most of the webmasters lose their ranking after hitting the top spots due to inconsistency. So keep working for your website and keep in mind that off page SEO is a long term process and being patient is the key to success.

    Author: Mitz Pantic
    Author Notes: My name is Mitz Pantic and I build websites that make money. Guess what? The pages I have not search optimized do not get traffic so this proves that SEO works even after the Panda and Penguin. I have developed a SEO Checklist for new webmasters as building a WordPress website is easy, but making it successful is the hard part. SEO helps me build successful WordPress websites.
    Image Credit: Seo-blocks [Public domain], by Vishraval (Own work), from Wikimedia Commons
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