• The Dream Team For Every Start Up

    "A startup is a company designed to grow fast and the only thing that is essential to such company is its growth. When a company is growing everything else will fall into its place eventually" - says Paul Graham, founder of the top startup companies in the world Viaweb and Y Combinator.

    Starting a new company and making it successful can be quite challenging today when thousands of companies get founded with just a click of a button. The point of becoming successful is having a genuine idea, providing an original product or introducing an entirely new market for new customers. According to the Wall Street Journal, the 50 top startup companies have gradually shifted their interests from online consumers to data processing and Internet technologies.

    A new entrepreneur, starting a fresh new startup company must carefully choose its target, provide a genuine product and set its goals on constant growth. However, starting a company today requires a joint effort of many minds working together as a collective and producing a final product that will revolutionize their targeted market.

    So, what are the top professions that an entrepreneur and founder of a new startup company should look into and make part of his successful team? According to our research here are some professions that we believe are crucial to any business:

    Product Designer - While having a genuine idea and means to provide the world with that idea is a start, it is very important how the final product will look in the end. The designer or the so-called "Chief Architect" and his experience brings the customers a desired product.

    Software Engineer / Programmer - This person creates the heart of the startup company. He designs, tests, develops and implements the software, writes new software that will help the company and closely works with the designer as a team.

    Marketing Manager - Every company needs a successful marketing manager to make the company successful as well. This person must put the company on the market, make it reach the top, and keep it there as time passes. The marketing manager is one of the most important professions in the company as he analyzes all the feedback, competitor data and market conditions in order to develop a marketing strategy that will put or keep his company at the top. The marketing manager oversees almost everything from sales, marketing plans to promotions and opportunities.

    Analyst - This profession is essential for any business, new and old. The analysts analyze the markets, conduct company research, develop strategies etc.

    User Relations / Customer Services - Every business based on customers must include this profession into its team. These people interact with the customers, analyze feedback, provide ideas and changes, or are generally known as the "voice" of the company. "The customer is always right" so they are patient, well-spoken, polite and genuinely concerned about the customer.

    Sales Representatives - These guys are the "smooth talkers" that will convince a potential client to become a client indeed. They undergo training and get informed (educated) on the product being sold and develop strategies how to place the product in the best light possible to the clients.

    Author: Alex H Chan
    Author Notes: Basically, a good company is not just a good CEO, but the entire team that is its driving machinery. The goal is to Build For Search (BFS). The BFS website is a good example of establishing a brand to target your audience. An excellent team will always bring excellent results and that is the secret of all TOP companies in the world.
    Image Credit: Startup Weekend Recife - Recife - Pernambuco - Brasil [CC-BY-2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], by Lailson Bandeira (Flickr), from Wikimedia Commons
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