• 5 Ways To Boost Your Article Writing Productivity

    If you're working from home, it's likely that you'll be surrounded by distractions.

    Whether it's the phone ringing off the hook with cold callers, your kids vying for attention or the dog having a mad half hour, there always seems to be something happening that knocks you off kilter and dampen your productivity when it comes to your article writing.

    Even if you're alone in a serenely quiet house (though this seems impossible for most people), you can often be your own worst enemy. Social networking is a click away, and the temptation to respond to emails, messages and tweets is constant. With all this going on around you, it can sometimes seem impossible to get any work done, let alone be at your most productive.

    However, with a little clever thinking and planning, you can alter your environment to provide the perfect setting to become a prolific article marketer. So without getting sidetracked any further, here are five ways you can get rid of your distractions and get on with your writing.

    1 - Have a "writing room"

    OK, so you don't need to convert a room in your house, but having a set workplace in your home can really improve your mindset and help you when it comes to writing articles. Try to make sure your workspace is quiet and free from distraction (so avoid the TV room), and preferably allows you some privacy.

    A door is your best friend when it comes to creating your workspace, so try to make sure you have the room to yourself, with the door closed - at least during your office hours.

    2 - Be honest with your family

    Unless you're one of the rare few people that live alone, chances are you'll have a spouse, kids or even housemates that are contending for your attention. Whilst it's important not to isolate these people from your life, it is equally important to make sure that your work time is respected as just that: professional, valuable time that should not be interrupted.

    Talk to the people you live with, and make sure they understand your need for space whilst working. That way, your productivity will increase due to less distractions, and you won't risk upsetting your family by being annoyed when they "pop in" in the middle of an important piece of work.

    Set yourself fixed office hours that are strictly "do not disturb" territory for your family or housemates. That way you should only be interrupted if the house is on fire!

    3 - Get rid of procrastination services

    Social networks, or as I like to call them, "procrastination services", are a great way to connect with friends, family and colleagues all around the world - but not on business time.

    To limit the power that the constant stream of electronic communication has over you, turn off all instant messaging platforms and close any tabs with Facebook, Twitter, and even your email. Turn off your phone, and if you have a landline, unplug it. If anyone urgently needs to get in touch, they know where you are - otherwise, distracting messages can wait until you're free.

    4 - Soundproof your workplace

    Again, this doesn't have to involve drastic home improvements. However, blocking out the noise in your house is a very important part of making sure you are working to the best of your ability.

    Make a playlist of calm, undistracting music to listen to whilst you work and plug your headphones in. Alternatively, if music isn't your thing, use sound-blocking headphones that produce white noise, and seal yourself away from the distracting noises of your work environment.

    5 - Write away from home

    If you really can't settle down distraction-free to work, there are always public spaces you can retreat to. Libraries, cafes and parks were designed for quiet, solitary time, and can provide a great new environment to work in. If you're getting writer's block or struggling with your ideas, head outside for a change of scene, and let the ideas flow.

    Writing is a solitary affair, and requires your full concentration. Make sure your working environment is completely distraction-free, following these five great tips for improving your writing productivity.

    Ultimately, you should find that you get a lot more out of your time, allowing you to enjoy your free time with your family, friends and all the distractions you've shunned from your writing time, confident that you have had a productive workday.

    Author: Steve Shaw
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