• 5 Basic Steps To Online Sales Growth

    We've spent the last 5 years generating business growth for small and medium sized businesses. With all this experience we have decided to distil the 5 core activities that will bring the best return on investment for your business.

    1. Start a Search Marketing Campaign
    This is undisputedly the number 1 channel for online sales growth and your return on investment. With over 2.5 billion Google searches every day by people trying to find products and services it is essential to use this form of advertising. The secret to why Search Marketing is so powerful is the relevancy of the advertising. Your prospects only see your advertisement when they are searching on Google using specific keywords related to your business offer. This means they are already receptive at that exact point in time to what your business has to offer them. And not only is the advertisement relevant to them, you only pay for when they click on your ad and land on your website. This means you also get brand awareness for free as your ad could (and often will) appear hundreds or thousands of times before someone clicks on it.

    2. Make sure you get Search Engine Optimized
    It is a must for any business to be on the first page of Google. When your website is optimized it means that you are easily found and understood by the likes of Google and subsequently promoted up the page rankings. Most industries I have worked for get anywhere from 5,000 searches to 500,000 searches a month by customers looking for products or services. To get to the first page of Google takes time and effort but it usually very worthwhile. And the beauty of being Search Engine Optimized is that it generates free traffic to your site and grows your sales.

    3. Get your Website audited and optimized to convert visits to sales
    Most website's I've come across will have at least 10 things that need fixing to increase the likelihood that someone visiting will become a prospect or paying customer. Most basic considerations include a welcoming homepage that is professionally designed with easy navigation to find what you're looking for and strong call to action. Many websites fail to accomplish these basics. If your website is optimized then you aren't wasting your marketing efforts attracting visitors to your site and putting them off by an unattractive page, confusing content or navigation or lack of a call to action.

    4. Grow your database and lift customer engagement and visitation
    Strong database growth over time will contribute to significant sales for most businesses. A call to action to entice people to sign up to newsletters or download information is a good start. Using competitions and giveaways can often increase the level of sign ups. Alongside creating a good database you must develop a professional email template that presents your brand and offers in the best light possible. Using cost effective providers such as http://www.mailchimp.com and a good developer who can design and create a stunning email template is a must.

    5. Social media to engage customers, build profile or generate sales
    It's easy to get caught up in the hype surrounding Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter and numerous other social media channels. Finding the right one for your business depends on what your objectives are. Most often Facebook is a good start and is the most popular. The number 1 thing you must do when starting out with social media is to figure out what your objectives are and then create content that will engage your audience as well as meet your objectives. For sales growth, you might post about special offers and for virality you might create a campaign encouraging people to sign up/like your page. Consider using a third party provider for Facebook campaigns such as shortstack.com, strutta.com and snapapp.com who offer a variety of functions including running prize draws, share and win and 'like us' campaigns.

    Author: Stephen Beath
    Author Notes: More information and help can be found at http://www.onmark.co.nz
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