• Smart Ways of Increasing B2B Conversions

    Companies that operate in a business to business (B2B) environment can find it particularly challenging to increase their conversion rates through their inbound online marketing campaigns. Even if their online and offline strategies succeed in getting prospects to their website initially, actually converting those visitors into clients presents a whole new raft of challenges.

    There are some simple strategies that can be implemented on you website's pages that have been proven to increase conversion rates. Below are some that are doing well right now.

    Call to Action (CTA) Tips

    According to SearchEngineLand if two offers are presented simultaneously conversion rates can increase by around 63%. This should be considered when designing the CTA.

    The Call to Action should be direct and to the point. It should tell people exactly what to do without being vague.

    Give your visitors a sense of urgency by making your offers time sensitive. This encourages them to make a quick decision and take up your offer and according to Search Engine Land this can increase conversions by up to 46%.

    Make use of images on your landing page. Certain things like having a friendly face with the eyes angled towards your CTA can help to ensure your sites visitors are drawn to your offer.

    Consider the Buying Cycles When Designing Your Landing Pages

    It is important to spend time periodically auditing the business's website. You need to know information such as the pages most visited, type of visitors and the various stages of buying cycles that these businesses are in.

    Good quality CMS and analytics software is a good thing to look into. These tools will allow you to monitor site visitors and the various phases of buying cycle. With the information gathered you will be better placed to target your offers on specific pages to the appropriate visitors. This is certainly a good way to increase conversion rates and keep visitors to your site interested.

    Optimize Your Landing Pages

    Of course optimizing your landing page is also a good idea. This can be tweaked from time to time to ensure that it is in line with your target audiences buying cycles as best as possible. The effect of your landing page can be monitored using an A/B (split) test, and this will allow you to test various elements of the pages performance such as full conversion rates. Things such as Offers, CTA placement, and page colors can be tested and optimized to be more suitable.

    After a little while it will be easy for you to see what works best for your page and determine the best ways benefit from your online marketing campaigns.

    Short Forms Work Better

    One of the most important aspects of a conversion is to capture the customers contact information. As a B2B operator the most effective way to capture your customer's information is through integrated data capture forms. A lot of website visitors will be happy to click on your offer but many of them will abandon the process primarily for two reasons:

    - A length for that will take too much time to complete, or

    - The form request information that is deemed too intrusive, especially at this early stage of business transactions.

    The more basic you can keep a form the more successful it is likely to be at keeping your potential customers attention. Use a form that simply asks for the essential information such as company name, email address or company phone number, and a contact name. Information such as the phone number should not be made compulsory because not everyone wants to give this information at this stage. More detailed information can be sought as the business relationship develops.

    Tip: In order to increase the likelihood that people will fill in the form, make it visible in top half of your landing page.

    Provide Proof That Your Product Is Worthwhile

    On the internet, authentic reviews left by previous customers are the equivalent to getting a recommendation from a friend or family member. More than 52% of people who shop on the internet judge trust this feedback method. The recommendations of others help to influence others to make a purchase because they will feel more confident in a particular service. This give a certain trust factor in the product and service and many people actually trust the opinions of strangers as opposed to people they know.

    If other businesses can see that other reputable businesses have enjoyed your services then they will automatically be inclined to trust what you offer. What this means is that you should be seeking to get good quality testimonials from your previous or current happy clients and publish them on your websites landing page with their permission. It can be hugely beneficial to add social proof to your website. As well as testimonials this includes your social media presence, number of visitors to your site, or anything else that shows others trust and like your business.

    Author: Kerry Finch
    Author Notes: Kerry Finch is a researcher and writer with an interest in emerging trends and technologies. She provides premium written content to her clients whose online businesses focus on fields as diverse as mining, the law, dentistry, and home maintenance and trades. She has an intimate knowledge of best practices for content marketing, and is well connected in the internet marketing world. She can be contacted via her main business website http://www.KerryFinchWriting.com
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