• 3 Basic Steps in Successful Article Marketing

    When you first get into the online world, whether it be blogging, business or just for causal reasons, you might start wondering how to best attain traffic. Well, there are many options, some more viable than others depending on your niche and type of visitor you want to target.

    Let's address one strategy that has proven to be a success for many - article marketing. Many people have been able to make a steady income alone on article marketing. Now, this can take time and an enormous amount of energy so let's address how just a little effort can improve your online exposure and hopefully help increase your online traffic.

    Article marketing will typically revolve around submitting your articles to article directories. You can do a simple search for 'article directory' and several should pop up. Simply register on these directories and begin submitting your original articles. Most marketers recommend spending time on the well-known directories like EzineArticles or GoArticles.

    Before you submit any articles however, one of your first steps in article marketing needs to be the keyword research you perform. Why is this important? You will want to insure your articles are correctly optimized for best performance for organic searches. For example, if you article is about 'business networking' but nowhere in the article do you use the phrase 'business networking' the likelihood of search engines displaying your article is slim. The more organic traffic you gain, the more people that could click through to your website, the more traffic you receive. That's what we are going for isn't it?

    Secondly, you need to be sure to write good, quality content, as this is the determining factor for someone to continue reading. If your content doesn't effectively use correct punctuation, grammar, sentence structure it can become difficult to read. Therefore, the reader will likely pass on to the next article in a matter of seconds. Be sure to read your articles a few of times prior to submission. This will insure all necessary 'checks' have been made.

    The last basic step of article marketing is to effectively use the resource box article directories allow you to use. These are typically boxes where you can create a written CTA and link to one website. Use this opportunity to link back to your website.

    In conclusion, if you write good quality content optimized for organic searches and take advantage of the resource box, you'll likely see your traffic spike in time.

    Author: Michael B Terry
    Author Notes: Check out more offline and online marketing tips at CodeSoaked.
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