• Content Marketing: 10 Tips for Getting Noticed

    Content marketing has experienced something of an explosion in popularity in recent years. Articles, blogs, info-graphics, whitepapers and online videos have provided businesses with platforms to boost their reach and attract new customers.

    But with the emergence of social media, there's suddenly lots of content out there - so how can content marketing be used to help an organization stand out from the crowd? Just follow these 10 straightforward steps…

    Be creative. Creative ideas are what power an effective content marketing strategy. Good ideas can be spontaneous or the result of extensive research. The beauty of social media is that it allows brands to listen - so see what people are talking about.

    Get problem-solving. Audience want solutions to problems, and this is what any content marketing strategy should focus on. If a steady flow of solutions isn't forthcoming, content may start to fall flat.

    Plan ahead. Implementing a long-term content strategy that encompasses a brand message will help define what an organization stands for. Planning will ensure content stays focused, which will allow potential customers to find who they want, when they want.

    Research. Understand your audience by researching trends - this way you avoid any pitfalls in the future. You'll also get a sense of what works and what doesn't by monitoring the activity of competitors.

    Analyse. By tracking and analysing how content is received, brands can make better-informed content decisions. If responses are few and far between, it's time to change tack.

    Optimise. Writing good content is one thing, getting it noticed is another. This is where search engine optimisation (SEO) comes in. By using carefully-targeted keywords, titles and page descriptions, they'll find it easier to establish a connection with their audience.

    Be sociable. If people like your content, chances are they won't want to keep it to themselves. By utilising Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest, brands can create and publish content that generates interests from one person to the next.

    Design. The medium your content is published on is important. Website layouts should highlight copy by making it attractive and subsequently clickable, which will help to paint a rosy analytics picture.

    Technology. The content creation process should be as streamlined and as efficient as possible. Businesses can make this happen by utilising an effective content management system, a content collaboration application and social media management tools.

    Technical support. Website breakdowns are unfortunately inevitable. Organisations need a techie for when these occur - after all, there's little point publishing excellent content if nobody can access it.

    Author: Joshua Kim
    Author Notes: Snack Media is one of the UK's leading providers of content marketing and article writing services.
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    1. Nelson Scally's Avatar
      Nelson Scally -
      Thanks! These tips should come handy.
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      Serena Hammersmith -
      Time to implement these points.

      Thanks for sharing.
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      Deen Mohd Dar -
      very essinal for me
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      jasmeenjassi -
      its a nice article
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      jasmeenjassi -
      its really an informative
    1. jasmeenjassi's Avatar
      jasmeenjassi -
      its really an informative
      Thanks for sharing.
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      GeraldTetz -
      Thanks for the tips
    1. GeraldTetz's Avatar
      GeraldTetz -
      These are great tips for making money online and to be noticed all around the world.
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