• 6 Tips On How You Can Drive Traffic To Your Blog

    Blogging can be a powerful means to generate high volumes of traffic to your website. But if you want your blogs to be more visible on the web, you need to more than just blogging.

    Here are the tips on how you can drive traffic to your blog.

    1. Use keywords and phrases on you blog titles. In order to optimize your blogs on search engines, use all the keywords and phrases which people use to look for information under your niche. When your website becomes more popular on search engines, you will also improve your page ranking to increase traffic to your website.

    2. Publish well written and high quality content. Through this, you can keep your visitors coming regularly to check on your blogs. Moreover, you can have a better page ranking with a fresh content that can help build traffic to your website. With these benefits, you can also ensure that products posted on your blogs can be sold.

    3. Social bookmarking is another powerful way to drive traffic to your blog. If you rank high on some of the most popular social bookmarking sites, you can drive large volumes of traffic to your website.

    4. Using email marketing with your blog can also be an effective way to bring readers back to your site. Aside from this, you also be able to build a list to sell your products or services to. Driving more traffic to your site can be easier through an auto responder, which can send emails to your list about the updates to your blog.

    5. You can use some of your blog posts and covert them into articles. All you have to do is to add more content to your blog posts if necessary, add a catchy article heading and convert it into an article. Writing and submitting articles is one of the most excellent strategies for traffic generation.

    6. RSS feed for blog traffic. RSS feed is another way you can use to keep people coming back to your blog because after people subscribe to read your RSS feed, they will get updates continuously. This means that you will be bringing readers back to your blog every time you make a new blog post.

    Following these tips can increase the popularity of your website and significantly drive traffic to your website.

    Author: Johnny Jim
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    1. Vinny B.'s Avatar
      Vinny B. -
      I agree that quality and informative posts will be key to attract visitors to your blog and will benefit your blog in long run.
    1. fdalsar's Avatar
      fdalsar -
      Useful tips. Thanks for sharing.
    1. Patricia's Avatar
      Patricia -
      That will be very useful~~~~Thanks very much!!
    1. herry's Avatar
      herry -
      are all of these Six tips will really work???

    1. bigbloger's Avatar
      bigbloger -
      Another innovative way of building links to your website that Ive found to be very effecient is the use of a wordpress plugin called commentluv.
    1. deebracollings's Avatar
      deebracollings -
      Articles are the best tool of SEO for drive traffic to a site, The content of Article has the Top place for the viewers. If content is unique then viewer may interested to visit your site.
    1. zia363's Avatar
      zia363 -
      great tips
    1. April's Avatar
      April -
      This is want I'm looking for! Being a newbie, all I need is a very helpful and informative tips. And I agree to everything that you wrote. Thanks!
    1. ravisoni6262's Avatar
      ravisoni6262 -
      well this is a common approach to generate good traffic towards website or any blog.
      I think i the era of social networking where all people going virtual in social this can be most useful thing to generate traffic i also run a blog
      php-mechanic.blogspot.com where i teach user who are newbie in PHP.
    1. CatNap's Avatar
      CatNap -
      You are better off to rewrite your blog posts totally if you want to re-submit them to article directories. Keep your blog posts unique to your own site.
    1. SEOdigg's Avatar
      SEOdigg -
      what about facebook fan page?
    1. SEOdigg's Avatar
      SEOdigg -
      April yo are a newbie now.. but you will be old soon.. Wellcome!!
    1. YASIR MEHMOOD's Avatar
      very nice tip i like this
    1. jnndovedy's Avatar
      jnndovedy -
      I guess.... but also look into link building, custom link acquisition, AdWords, and a myriad of other options (directories, etc.)
    1. blackpanther's Avatar
      blackpanther -
      Thanks for these tips! Please write an article for a list of social bookmarking sites.

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    1. lzrllr60's Avatar
      lzrllr60 -
      welcome to my website!
    1. chiwawa's Avatar
      chiwawa -
      This are like the most important tips that helps to generate traffic to one's site.
    1. geili001's Avatar
      geili001 -
      You are bigger off to carbon your blog posts absolutely if you wish to re-submit them to commodity directories. Keep your blog posts different to your own site. :p:p:p
    1. sonyaseo.1987's Avatar
      sonyaseo.1987 -
      All the tips is knowledgale. Its a make a profit for all beginner and experienced blogger. Thank you so much for sharing with all.
    1. kaniz's Avatar
      kaniz -
      Excellent your blog posting,I Relay happy to read your post . It's Really very Helpful for me not only me. It's very helpful Every body.
      HELP ME !!! HELP ME !!!!!! HELP ME !!!!!!!!!HELP ME !!!!!!!!!!!
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