• Top 5 Questions To Ask When Leasing Office Space

    With the struggling economy forcing everyone cut costs wherever possible, many small-business owners are working from home. But building and maintaining a professional image is vital to entrepreneurs' credibility, and taking advantage of fully furnished, move-in ready executive suites is often an inexpensive option.

    Before you take the plunge, however, you'd be wise to consider the five questions below to ensure executive suites are right for you, and if so, that you're getting the best deal.

    Questions to ask yourself:

    1. Is it crucial that all of your employees work on-site, or can some telecommute from home? This will in part determine how much space you need and how often you need it.

    2. How much "address" can you afford? You know the real estate mantra location, location, location, and it's true that prime locations (financial districts, upscale shopping districts, etc.) cost prime dollars. But with executive suites, you can often procure a prestigious address without the prestigious cost.

    3. If your business changes drastically (either growing or shrinking), are there options to expand or shrink your space if the need arises? To avoid paying extra fees, get the management company's policy about changing space needs.

    Questions to ask the facilities management company:

    4. What services are included with the executive suite lease, and are there extra charges for certain services? These can include services like reception, catering, meeting, conference and training rooms and courier services. They also may include access to business equipment such as broadband, WIFI, copiers, printers, telecommunications (phone number, fax, answering services and lines). Kitchen facilities are often part of the deal, as well as common areas and parking spaces. Sometimes extra services cost extra fees, but they still are usually a fraction of what you'd pay for permanent full-time services.

    5. How does the lease work, and are there penalties if I need to break the lease? You could lose your security deposit, be denied access to the space, and even be sued if you break the lease, so be sure you're committed to the length of the lease and the location before you sign.

    Author: Nathan Jansch
    Author Notes: Nathan Jansch is owner and president of The Boardroom Executive Suites in Denver, Colo., which provides office space, virtual office services, conference room rentals, telephone answering, and other services and amenities to small and medium sized businesses. To compare executive suites to traditional office space or subleases, visit the Boardroom Executive Suites http://boardroomdenver.com and the blog at http://boardroomdenver.wordpress.com

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      cup -
      Wow! Very concise, unique proposal ... Thank you for sharing! !
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      getextra -
      When I was choosing a managed office it was the facilities that sold it to me, i'm in the Brough Business Centre and we have an IT suite where you can train 10 students and a large conference room for delivering training up to 80 people

      Follow us on Twitter @getextra or view out website Getextra
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      thx for the info will share with my friend
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