• Using Facebook's Cost Per Click Campaigns To Drive Targeted Traffic To Your Website

    The more of the “unrelated” audience you can remove from seeing your advert and therefore clicking on it and wasting your money the better, and with the amount of selections you can make with Facebook you should really be able to achieve near perfect targeting of your audience. As every advertiser knows, if you can remove most of the audience that will not really be worth paying for before they have a chance to click on your advert, the more money you will end up saving both in wasted clicks and receiving much better traffic.

    So, what options does Facebook have that make their system perfect for targeted, paid traffic?

    Location – Because of the level of information you need to put into Facebook before you can have a profile, they have a much better understanding of the demographics of their users, meaning the targeting is much improved on other PPC programs. With the location selection on Facebook, you can not only target people from a specific country, but you can also select the city as well and then set a radius for people from surrounding areas. If you had a small shop in Cardiff that only sold to people calling into the shop and not online, this means that you could only have your advert show to people in Cardiff and the surrounding areas.

    Age – Being able to select the age of your preferred audience is really useful if you are selling something age specific, maybe along the lines of life insurance or mortgage protection, as you would assume that only certain age categories would want this. It also helps to deliver different kind of adverts to people of different agents, which is proved to be necessary for getting the maximum reward from an advertisement campaign.

    Gender – If your product is gender specific, things like some kind of insurances or clothing, to be able to select the desired sex of your audience is a necessity, as it will eliminate the chance of unrelated or wanted click throughs, again, saving you money and getting more from your budget.

    Languages Spoken – Some products, services or offerings are sometimes related to a specific nationality, religion or language and Facebook gives you the power to only advertise to people that speak certain languages. This can work two ways, the main being removing people who can not understand the native tongue of your advert, hence saving wasting click throughs and the other is too really target specific nationalities and languages.

    Likes And Interests – This is a really fantastic little filter if your advert is hobby or craft related, because you can actually select your advert to only be show to people who have selected something related as this interest. For example, if you were selling Manchester United football shirts, you could select to only display your adverts to people interested in sports or football, which would be an obviously targeted audience for your product or service.

    Author: Ian Spencer
    Author Notes: Ian Spencer works for Clear Web Services, a SEO Web Optimisation and Web Design company serving the Forest Of Dean, Gloucestershire and South Wales. He has worked in the SEO and Internet Marketing world for many years, and working in partnership with another company has launched the new SEO business. clearwebservices.com/ For More Information, please call 01594 835 857 or email info@clearwebservices.com

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    1. benbrown700's Avatar
      benbrown700 -
      Hey, Thanks Ian. I have used Facebook advertising. Being in a smaller country I couldn't narrow down the location to a target area because facebook didn't break it down any further.
      Overall I have got a lot from your information.
      Thanks again...
    1. evanhazel's Avatar
      evanhazel -
      Hi Ian. Thanks for sharing information. Facebook advertising got a ton of traffic...
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      chenggong -
      I was very pleased to find this site.I wanted to thank you for this great read!! I definitely enjoying every little bit of it and I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post.
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      Alphonse91 -
      Hay, Thanks Ian for sharing information. Facebook advertising is just like Google AdWords when it was still nice to be used, a really great article from you..
    1. apkulasinghe's Avatar
      apkulasinghe -

      I'm new to this forum and found this article very helpful as PPC advertising method to use like Google adwords but I think facebook advertising rather new and market is warm and much to learn and test? Thank you for the Helpful information.
    1. zero777's Avatar
      zero777 -
      Thank you I appreciate
    1. Jameshliu's Avatar
      Jameshliu -
      good information.
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      Lap Band Surgery -
      this is a very good information..thank you very much
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      getextra -
      Are you better driving traffic to the website or creating a presence within the facebook world and direct your traffic there?

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