• How To Comment On Blogs Effectively

    This applies to blogs and bloggers & if you don't have one on your site, browse through and find out what you're missing out on.

    At its heart, blogging is more than just means of publishing online information, it's an effective mindset that encourages many SEO's to:

    - Link to interesting stories
    - Publish fresh content
    - Link to like-minded sites (bloggers)
    - Read and comment (provide feedback, discuss, participate in conversations) on other sites

    As an analogy, a blog is a cross between a traditional content website and a forum.

    Understanding the nature of a blog is important because you don't need a blog to adopt the same practices of your static website.

    The thing with blogs is that blogging platforms such as wordpress quite often make such activities a piece of cake, and giving it a name and a specific methodology makes it easier for the masses to adopt.

    If you have a CMS that allows readers to make comments on your articles you encourage user engagement and interaction which only makes your blog more powerful and useful to it's readers.

    And what does that have to do with blogging conversations?

    Remember that 3 of the mindset items I talked about involve other sites and the community or linking interaction that can take place.

    An integral part of earning links from other websites is engaging in personal relationships with webmasters and sharing interests, whether it is through email, through forums or other blogs.

    If you run a blog on your website (or if your website is a blog itself), the best advice for getting unsolicited links is to network with fellow bloggers and to engage in related blogging conversations.

    Time and Time again this has proven to be the most effective way to comment and build an effective blog with powerful comments.

    Author : Cliff Terrance
    Author Notes: Cliff Terrance is a professional SEO Consultant. If you are interested in making your sites presence known throughout the internet, You can visit his website at www.targetedtrafficsolutions.com
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    1. Cam Gleeson's Avatar
      Cam Gleeson -
      The point you make about networking with fellow bloggers is so true, if you want unsolicited comments.

      We have found Social Media to be the best way to find bloggers with similiar interests. Taking the time to build a relationship with them through SM first, really seems to pay off.

      But you need to be engaged, taking the time to make posts on their blogs, and tehn using social media to let them know. It is slow but it seems to work well.
    1. eleas39's Avatar
      eleas39 -
      Thanks skicker, for your nice post. Commenting in blogs is very important for every bloggers.
      It is one of the great advantage of blogging.
    1. ursimrankhanna's Avatar
      ursimrankhanna -
      Nice post dear. blog posting is important for your website.
    1. seo Shruti's Avatar
      seo Shruti -
      Good Post. Blogging and commenting on others blogs make your network build, your website to promote and many more.
    1. to112017's Avatar
      to112017 -
      Bingo, understanding the nature of the blog is key. Networking quickly builds up traffic to get more people to view your site. Well said
    1. sandeep Kumar's Avatar
      sandeep Kumar -
      Great post and clearly something that we should consider when building links using blog commenting. Dumping irrelevant comments across thousands of blogs does not work.. what works is that we identify blogs from our own niche and then use this technique..

      again a good reading cheers!
    1. zanney's Avatar
      zanney -
      Thanks for sharing this one. The important thing in blogging and blog commenting is building relationship to the community because it is a great way to interact and share some thoughts, sometimes others are just commenting to a blog or post to benefit a traffic, it is also important to build a relationship or interact with the community.
    1. benbrown700's Avatar
      benbrown700 -
      Thanks Sticker, I have never understood the meaning behind blogging and comments. I have had a lot of comments made on my blogs but have never done it myself. Your information has made it a lot clearer. Thanks
    1. bagsofashion's Avatar
      bagsofashion -
      Nice post dear. blog posting is important for your website.
    1. anthonysudbury's Avatar
      anthonysudbury -
      Great advice - I used to get tons of spam until I figured out how to catch it.
      I agree you can develop a good relationship if you take time to think about the comment you would like to post with regards to the actual blog post.
      Thank you!
    1. cup's Avatar
      cup -
      Podcast publishing your site is very important! Agree with what you said to establish a good relationship!
    1. draji's Avatar
      draji -
      Great Post. Commenting blog is very important. Even its bad, you can get popularity through comments also.
    1. azami's Avatar
      azami -
      nice post. sometime comments are more important than post :p
    1. izzym16's Avatar
      izzym16 -
      That was very informative.Thanx a lot:D
    1. webdesigns12's Avatar
      webdesigns12 -
      its very useful information. the high PR blogs and all google will be crawl regularly. so if we have posted some comment we can get some wait-age of our keywords..
    1. jackk316's Avatar
      jackk316 -
      Nice information. Thanks man...
    1. john_eve's Avatar
      john_eve -
      thanks for nice information but is there any way to find dofollow blogs for commenting?
    1. Kewad's Avatar
      Kewad -
      That is very useful information. However, I find that I hesitate to make comments on people's blogs incase they see me as spamming, even when I like something in their blog, or have something of value to add. I need to find a way of overcoming this. Any ideas on how I can do this?

    1. David Parker's Avatar
      David Parker -
      write a comment to show you have actually read the post, if your a little contraversal with your post, i dont mean rude or nasty but show that you have a valid point you comments can cause a great conversation piece with other legitimate bloggers.
    1. Jameshliu's Avatar
      Jameshliu -
      now i have learned something in this forum.
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