• Search Engine Marketing Strategies For Your Business

    If you plan to make money on the Internet or even just hope to attract a decent supply of viewers to your Web Page, then you will soon learn that it helps begin to understand exactly how a customer is going to find your product or service.

    With more than 182 million Web sites on the Internet, it pays to learn as much as you can about Search Marketing. Consider that one of the first strategies a person will use to find you on the World Wide Web will be through the use of a Search Engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing.

    In the early days of the Web, your Web Site might have been unique enough to show up on the first 1-10 pages of a search engine. Now with so much competition - if you don't work hard to keep up, you will begin to sink simply because everyone else around you is working hard to rise higher.

    So, how can you work even harder or smarter than those fighting for the same viewers? Focus your attention on how a person will attempt to find you in the first place and then invest your time or money into securing better placement with the search engines.

    To keep it super simple - let's focus on the two most basic strategies for SEM (Search Engine Marketing):

    1. Pay Per Click - PPC - Financial based investment

    2. Search Engine Optimization - SEO - Time based investment

    The above two are the most important because they offer two simple strategies for people trying to save money, but have time to wait and for people who want to save time, but have money to spend.

    The Pay Per Click strategy makes use of services like Google AdWords. With AdWords, you can create a simple ad that will show up on (often on the first pages) a search within 24 hours. This is great because it means you can make a one page Web Site and be selling to people searching for your product or service in as little as a few hours. The downside is that every time someone clicks on your ad - you pay for that click.

    For those that don't have time to invest in paying for ads or simply want something that lasts beyond and advertisement campaign - they can focus on editing the text, titles, keywords and meta tags of their Web site. This way, the search engines will eventually crawl your web page and list you (hopefully on the first page) when a person types in a word or set of words related to your product or service. The challenge with this type of search engine marketing is that it requires more knowhow and can take search engines up to 6 months to list your site.

    Regardless of the strategies you use, you will want to invest more time, more money or both time and money in order to not only compete with your competitors, but also to ensure that search engines know how to find you when people start searching.

    Author: James Copper
    Author Notes: James Copper is a writer for http://www.thebigagency.co.uk where you can find information on search engine marketing
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      christianamartin -
      Search engine optimization is not about "fooling" search engines. The tactics and strategies we publish are legitimate - the "bleeding edge" techniques that you will come across in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) discussion forums are better left to a time when you have a greater understanding of the subject and are prepared to take the associated risks.
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