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    Without a doubt, one of the most important parts of the Google algorithm is that which considers inbound links from other sites. It should be obvious to you that a link pointing at your site is a positive thing. The other site owner would never put a link to your site if there wasn't a good reason to do so.

    You can create really useful content on your site and that will make other webmasters put a link on their site pointing at yours. This is a good and very basic step in the process of generating inbound links.

    Quality content goes a long way towards improving you site with the added benefit of having others link in to your site from theirs. This is a double whammy sort of situation and is just what the doctor ordered to increase the importance and quality of your website.

    Anything that will stand on it's own as good content is a good choice to add to your site. Many sites will create a glossary of terms relative to their market. Others create charts that offer value to their readers. Either of these could easily spur a webmaster to link to you.

    What we are really looking for here is to create some content on your site that other webmasters will want to share with their own readers.

    If you can create a list of something that is valuable you can capture some readership. Lists can be businesses, telephone numbers, sources. There are a lot of things that lists can provide to your users, and be valuable enough for another webmaster to want to link to.

    The days of reciprocal links pages are behind us now. No longer is this of any benefit. If you can generate a reciprocated link, and link from somewhere within the content of your site, I will say to do it. I still believe this is a good link... as long as there is a good reason for it. What I mean is that there should be some value to having this link.

    Find a site that is relevant to your market and write a testimonial about some part of it. Add a link back to your site and email it off to that webmaster. The idea is that they will be flattered by the kind words you use and publish your testimonial on their site.

    The key to inbound links is relevance. Always find a site that has some similarity of market to yours. Some reason why your users would be interested in the other site. If you sell vegetable seeds, a site selling wheelbarrows would be a positive choice. Keep some relevance and reason to exist between your outbound and inbound links.

    The most important thing to spend time on is generating inbound links. Do not let a week go by where you don't generate at least one link back to your site. The links is what will make you look important in the eyes of the engines and boost your rankings up so that you get that free traffic from the major engines.

    Author: Robert D. Kelsey
    Author Notes: Robert 'BK' Kelsey operates Ethical SEO Service and offers a Advanced Ethical SEO Training Course
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    1. Paulie's Avatar
      Paulie -
      I believe content is king and if you have good content other webmasters, bloggers, news sites will link to your site if they like your content.
    1. The Internet Privateer's Avatar
      The Internet Privateer -
      OK, I'm a newbe and I think my blog has good content related to marketing. How Do people find it to read in the first place? Do I just keep posting relevant information and hope someone stumbles into my site? Also.. when I post to a site as I am now, does that create a "backlink" to my blog? And is that what You mean by generating an Inbound link?
    1. bloger64's Avatar
      bloger64 -
      I think it's a balence between good content and good link building tactic's and choosing the right keywords.
    1. Cam Gleeson's Avatar
      Cam Gleeson -
      I agree with Paulie above content is king, but the problem is that it may take forever for enough people to find it and appreciate it.

      The SEO elements sticker has outlined help that process and compliment good content
    1. Jameshliu's Avatar
      Jameshliu -
      thanks for the information.
    1. getextra's Avatar
      getextra -
      Quote Originally Posted by Paulie View Post
      I believe content is king and if you have good content other webmasters, bloggers, news sites will link to your site if they like your content.
      I think you are right Paulie and with the new farmer update from Google Content is once again going to shoot to the top of SEO lists

      The key is making the content effective for human consumption and driving the visitor to an action not just feeding Google

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    1. jennylew's Avatar
      jennylew -
      thx for the post.

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    1. ravisoni6262's Avatar
      ravisoni6262 -
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    1. ravisoni6262's Avatar
      ravisoni6262 -
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