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Business Planning and Strategies

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by , 08-13-2010 at 08:48 AM (7243 Views)

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Strategies – Strategies are your broad approaches of how you would accomplish your Business Vision and Mission. So it addresses What, How and Why aspects of your business model. It is advised to complete this section as a group and involve a facilitator who can guide you through this sector.

Key areas to cover in defining strategies are:

· Positioning (What will you want your customers to know you for?)
· Revenue Model (What are your sources of revenue)
· Marketing Strategy (How will your market your brand and services)
· Alliances & Intermediaries (How will help your get new sales leads)
· Sales (What are your sales channels?)
· Diversification ( What would you want to diversify in the next 5 years)

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    thanks for the info and explanation provided