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61 Ways To Drive Targeted Traffic To Your Website

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by , 08-10-2010 at 06:18 PM (5521 Views)

Driving quality targeted traffic to your blog or website is the most important part of any webmaster or bloggers job. With nobody visiting your site, even the greatest looking site with tons of great content isn't going to make you any money. Making money from your blog/site requires sufficient amount of visitors. Of course no blog or site is born with thousands of visitors. In order to drive traffic to your site, you need to promote it. The more traffic you drive to your blog, the more money you will make.

There are many ways to drive quality traffic to your site, including paid advertising, which is one the most effective methods of getting quality traffic to your site, but not everyone has or wants to spend money on paid advertising, specially beginners like myself. Fortunately there are many free and easy ways to drive quality traffic to your site. Here are 61 easy and free ways you can generate quality targeted traffic for your blog or website.


  1. joesuccess's Avatar
    PPC ads can be effective, but run into a lot of money. Thanks for your suggestions!
  2. Fang Xiao's Avatar
    Yes, it is very useful and practice well.