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Top 7 SEO Techniques

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by , 05-20-2013 at 06:12 AM (8269 Views)

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Hopefully, it will support seo tweakers on the way to their top success!

1) URL Rewriting Rewrite Engine:

This is basically the rewriting of URL's on your domain. What it does is takes the following example:
and turns it into something the SE's like a bit better, e.g:

2) Site Map Submit to Google:

Having a sitemap is very important also. It will contain a list of all pages on your site and can be updated manually.

3) Content reflected:

Most sites have the same meta keywords per page since the content is created dynamically. This is a big no-no in SEO.
The SE's think every page is the same and therefore will place less emphasis on it in search results.
Make sure each page contains keywords that reflect the content including keywords that are not relevant to the pages content may actually decrease your ranking.

4) Keyword relevant content:

Again, make sure your content reflects the keywords in your meta tags. You will also want to have as much quality content as possible, which relates back to your chosen keywords.

5) Using header tags to emphasise overall page content:

There is a controversial SEO technique. Some say that this will increase your ranking - some say it has no effect whatsoever.
Basically your main page needs to have the content reflected in the <H1> tags.
E.g if your page was about cats then include "Cats" in a <H1> tag on your page. You will also include this in your keywords and title tag.

6) Inbound Links:

Getting inbound links makes Google think your site is popular (since everyone is linking to it) and will push you up in the rankings.

7) Submit to directories:

This is a great method of creating inbound links. Some sites will link for free or may require you to fill in a series of ads.

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