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Google News Experiments Twitter Integration with Friends section

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by , 10-08-2010 at 06:07 AM (10425 Views)

Google is testing a new feature that lets you connect your Twitter account to Google News. Some people are seeing a Friendsť box on the right hand side of Google News inviting them to do this.

The experiment appears in a Friendsť section that some users can see on the bottom right-hand column of Google News. If you enter your Twitter username into the open text box and hit save,ť a list of updates featuring news articles by those you follow will appear. Google says only articles found in Google News will be shown.

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  1. jaikanth123's Avatar
    This is a good experiment by Google as twitter is the best social networking site
  2. Sherry Monique's Avatar
    Very interesting, i would like to integrate a news feed into one of my sites with that method.
  3. davidove's Avatar
    Great news, but I guess that Twitter is nofollow, how can google follow it.