1) I have a "root keyword" (6600 Local Monthly Searches, USA, [Exact]; Market Samurai SEO Competition mostly green - Google AdWords keyword tool number is 0, which is the lowest possible)

2) I found quite a lot of related keywords and created 32 categories for the most searched, and relevant as category names

3) I want to write 3 posts a day, so I created a schedule based on Search Volume (so for the highest traffic categories I am gonna write 30, 30, 24, 20, 10 posts <out of 270 - 3 posts a day - 90 posts a month> and 6 for the remaining 27 - just to keep it filled with something for the search engines etc)

4) I assigned keywords to MAIN CATEGORY KEYWORDS ALSO and the busiest ones have about 40-50 keywords in them, the rest something between 0 - 10)

So I have the root keyword, category keywords (which are category names and main navigation) and also the root keyword in the domain name. I addes some plugins so I will be able to control ALL the SEO elements like meta description, H1, image names and alt descriptions etc. With all that I am wondering what would be the best way to do that now when following the schedule...

I know that I need to do siloing and dont dilute the content of the page, thats why I wat to stick only to the keywords that are assigned to particular cateogry, but I am wonerding what would be the best way to use all the info that I already have in the next 90 days.... (3 posts per day)

Thank you in advance for any info.