I still have a few bugs in my template I can't seem to fix myself... I'd appreciate any help !

1) Clickable header

Should be an easy one : I'm trying to make my header clickable ! But for some reason (maybe the fact I quite don't master php ) I'm not able to do that...

2) Characters set

I have a few posts in Chinese (yeah, I know... ). They showed perfectly under Blogger but with Wordpress, they turned into "??????".

The issue is apparently well-known with WP 2.2 :

Characters problems

I tried the fix discussed there but it doesn't work for me... it might be because unlike people who discussed it there, I didn't upgrade my WP, I have just started with it, therefore I may have a different encoding... who knows !

MySQL is set with unicode... I may have to change something there ??

3) Borders for the images in my main post

If I set a border for images in the CSS :

a img{

every single one of my image comes up with a border : sidebars', smileys etc. I just want to have a border for the pictures/images in my main post. Any way to do that ?

I think that's it for now !

These are little things but they drive me crazy. I did plenty of research for each of the issue and I admit my knowledge is limited, so if anyone is willing to give me a hand, I'll really appreciate.

I don't want to copy my php etc. here but I think you guys can see my CSS and I can send a MP if needed.

Thanks a lot !