My blog gethistuff [PM] [PM] com BlogSpot is to be a way of testing, if can make a blog for making money online.

Every day you can follow from the beginning, I see how it evolved.

If you want to, you can recommend the form to make money blog, a look at whether it work. If you want me to write things, ask them, I'll write!

It's time to update the blog statistics, let us see:

Last week

Browse the number: 169
Page views: 751

This week

Browse the number: 230
Page views: 614


I have a delta's 39% of the visit, but in 18% of the daily decline.

Why this-18%? I noticed, returning visitors to see more of the page last week, this week.

For a new blog, it is very good that 39% of the delta. The last few days, I have a 100% of the daily incremental, so I expect increment, next week will be higher.

Now I have much more from search engine of the visit.
Last week the world ranking is ALEXA 9050603, today is 7380245, good increment.

I do this week?

1-according to this day ago, I have been issued traffic hints.

2-promoting on Facebook, Twitter and Digg position.

3-set up reverse and SocialMonkee I.

4-the key words of research and improvement.

5-write about search engine optimization beginner guide "big article, promote social network, the blog carnival, BBS and articles submitted. I also promote the article.

Total statistics

In the three weeks of life my blog, I have:

Browse the number: 516
Page views: 2089


Advertising: $5.45
Infolinks: $0.23
Ymads: $0.59

Quantity: 6.27

I'll tell you what I do, improve GeThistuff, it makes a successful blog leave.

Do you think of my statistics?

If you have a successful blog, I want to know what you think.
What I do?