After coming out of retirement and winning another Super Bowl alongside Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski makes his way into the top 10 tight-ends with an 86 overall. Eagles tight end Dallas Goedert, an Eagles tight end, completes the top 10 tight ends , with an overall score of 84.

These are the top tight ends of Madden NFL 22, as reported by EA Sports. Since the game's developers live-tune these ratings throughout the real-life NFL season, we can expect many of them to change in order to reflect player performance. Keep checking Shacknews for the latest Madden NFL 22 news.

Madden 22 Tight End Ratings EA Sports Announces Top 10 Rated TEs in Madden NFL 22.Madden Ratings Reveal Week is here! Who are the top-rated tight ends this year's edition of Madden NFL 22?Madden NFL 22 rating revealed for Eagles' QB Jalen Hurts.NFL players and fans are thrilled about Madden NFL 22, which is scheduled to release in the near future.

Jalen Hurts was second in Madden ratings for players who have switched teams. He earned a score of 71 overall. In his first season playing with Frank Reich and Colts, Wentz is rated 72.Hurts versatility as both a thrower, as well as a runner, will make it easier for the Eagles to be among the top games of the summer.

Madden NFL 22 ratings: Where Trey Lance ranks among rookie QBs.If you're excited to play with new 49ers quarterback Trey Lance in the newest Madden and you're eager to find out where the No. 3 overall draft pick's rating is compared to his fellow rookie signal-callers.

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