Interestingly, though, a report by Variety recently revealed that SpongeBob SquarePants will be featured within an NFL Wild Card match on Nickelodeon. Set to be broadcast on January 10, the match is believed to be in an attempt to get children to see NFL. This tease of an upcoming collaboration in the world of the Madden NFL game may be connected in some manner. It only goes to show you can never really predict what crossovers we will see following in the world of video games.

The Saints had a win on Sunday and a Packers loss to land the No. 1 seed, and although they met their end of the bargain, the Bears did not come through for New Orleans. By 1990 to 2019, obtaining the two-seed proved to be a good thing and that is because you'd get a first-round bye, but under the 14-team format that the Saints will be playing Wild Card Weekend contrary to exactly the same Bears team which could not beat the Packers.

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