Alright. . Here is the story. I got tired! Big surprise. I'd like to begin a (F2P) Skiller, but I do not know where to begin... Here are my questions... A great deal of these (or most of them I'm unsure yet cause I've yet to sort and think them through) are opinion based, please inform me I should take action.

1m? 2m? 10m? I have methods of getting this money in a short amount of time (even with reduced stats ( ^) so I don't need answers on the best way best to create money. But, you can if you would like. I know virtually every trick in the book now. Question Marks are I'd rather do last, due to how slow it is or that I require other abilities before I get it done. Can I train my own prayer? I understand. . However, prayer skillers are still skillers... Maybe summoning too.

Can anybody suggest the best path to enhancing my battle skills - preferably quickly please? Any information on armour, weapons and plan etc. would be appreciated. The advice guides only give general information but nothing tailored to my needs & Stats. In addition, I keep getting conflicting advice from on-line players, causing me to great confusion.My mom is thinking of letting me use credit card to get members to the summer. Quests are a great place to start.

They open up all sorts of opportunities. Priest in Peril, Ghosts Ahoy, Recruitment Drive, and Holy Grail are good ones to begin with since they raise your prayer level in addition to their other rewards. (Ghosts Ahoy specifically is also an essential quest since it provides you the ectophial, which is a really useful teleport, particularly at low levels.) I also recommend doing Tourist Trap and then The Grand Tree early on, which collectively push you around 32 agility without having to train at all. That is a big benefit. Tree Gnome Village should also be completed so it is possible to use soul trees to get around. Hang on, I actually made a list a while back. It might be a bit out of date, but...

Hello, Yes this is another one of thoughs dumb"which skill cape should I get" things. And that I cant garentee that I wont give up following couple days. And FAIL is on there alot, lol by FAIL that I meen I dont train it alot. After this I will likely level up all of the FAIL ones alittle. I was wondering exactly what one would be a fantastic choice for me? I dont want to invest ANYTHING when possible. And I want it to be a faster one. Yes I'm picky to. I am currently performing woodcutting becuase is nearer to 99 than anything else except for my combat stuff. Thanks, and dont make me feal overly poor.

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