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Offers that you can't ignore

This is a discussion on Offers that you can't ignore within the Affiliate Marketing forums, part of the Internet Marketing category; Features of work with the target audience of Poland Poland is a country located in Central Europe with a population ...

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    Default Re: Offers that you can't ignore

    Features of work with the target audience of Poland

    Poland is a country located in Central Europe with a population of nearly 38.5 million people. Poland's capital is Warsaw and the only official language is Polish.

    Until the end of the 20th century, the country was part of the socialist bloc headed by the USSR and this affected the history of the country and its gambling business.

    In Poland gambling has come a very long way before this business was legalized. It began in 1768 when an act of Parliament defined the specifics of taxation for ordinary lotteries. The lottery was held 2 times a month on Krasinski square and every time a huge crowd gathered to get a gift.

    In 1920 the first gambling house was opened in Sopot. There were only a couple of tables and roulette in the room and employees were former military. A couple of years later the house grew significantly, it brought a lot of money to its owners, and even more money to the Public Treasury.

    The official opening took place only in 1931: a small hotel with 25 rooms was built above the casino. The interior of the casino was decorated with the most expensive crystal, bronze and sea water flowed from the taps. The king of Spain Alfonso XVIII, Greta Garbo, Erich Bochard and many others were in this casino. And all this celebration of life continued until the Second World War. Before 1990, gambling pulled out of Poland in all its forms.

    After that the casino was opened in the famous Accor hotel, but that's another story. Today, there are 49 land-based casinos in the country. Approximately one million guests visit them every year.

    In the country online gambling is regulated by the Ministry of Finance. Only 4 companies can work officially on the Polish market. However, in these companies the choice of games is not wide this is why the grey market exists. In 2017, the Polish Ministry of Finance published information according to which only 9% of users play on legal sites, also the total winnings of all players (on legal and illegal sites) is almost 6 million euros.

    Despite all the bans, citizens gamble on the Internet. They use grey operators to send and receive money.

    Why is it interesting and profitable for us to work with Poland?

    1. When a famous Polish professor of psychiatry was asked to create a psychological profile of the Poles, he replied that they are pretentious, selfless, persistent and reckless during periods of success. That's the type of people we want - those who can be attracted by high emotions, success and impressions.
    2. The head of the family is a man. Polish women are very conservative, the most important values for them are family and children. Men value work and friends. That's why they are the main target for us.
    3. According to data for February 2019 the average salary in Poland amounted to more than 4600 złoty, and that's almost 1,400 dollars. So Poles are solvent audience.

    As for the Internet in Poland,the situation is as follows: 65% of the population are network users, at the same time, 72% of them go online every day and 83% of them prefer to use mobile Internet.

    About Social Media:

    1. Facebook is the most popular social networking service in Poland. Poles communicate here.
    2. Snapchat - in Poland, this platform has gathered an incredible number of fans.
    3. Instagram is always in the top three, and Poland is not an exception.
    4. YouTube is very popular among the population, Poles like to watch blogs and channels, as well as shoot videos.
    5. And the fifth leader is Twitter.

    Here we finish our story about Poland and we suggest you work with this GEO.

    If you want to work with Polish offers, please, text our manager timursplitpro

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    Default Re: Offers that you can't ignore

    Features of work with the target audience of Japan

    Japan is a country in the Pacific ocean; a place where the sun rises. An amazing state with an amazing history. The capital of the country is Tokyo. The population of Japan exceeds 126 million people. It is a developed country with a very high standard of living (seventeenth place in the human development index). Japan has one of the highest life expectancy (82.12 years in 2009) and one of the lowest infant mortality rates.
    In addition, this state is a great economic power and occupies the 3rd place in the world by nominal GDP.
    In the population, a larger percentage are the Japanese themselves. National minorities include the Ryukyuans , Koreans, Chinese, Filipinos, Japanese Brazilians and Japanese Peruvians. The vast majority of Japanese practice Shintoism and Buddhism. The official language is Japanese.
    The country is a surprisingly well-developed, advanced. And it is not surprising that almost 80% of the population are Internet users. 90% of Internet users are between the ages of 13 and 59. More preference is given to mobile traffic, namely 85%.
    Now, by tradition, let's talk about gambling. In Japan any gambling is prohibited by the Criminal Code of the country. The only acceptable option to have fun are bets on horse racing and car racing. Lotteries and sweepstakes are held under special laws for entertainment purposes for the population, the income from such events is at the expense of the state or regional governments.
    Of course, we understand that, as in any other country, the laws are designed to violate them. That is why the local Japanese organized criminal group, namely the Yakuza, are engaged in the organization of underground casinos. In particular, they organize commercial Mahjong tournaments where cash prizes are drawn. In addition, there are mobile gambling sites in Japan, most of which work without a license and hide their activities in all ways.
    Nowadays, the public and government officials are discussing the legalization of casinos. However, a positive decision has not yet been made.
    This GEO is the most attractive for foreign online casinos, because the state simply can not track their activities. That is why the Japanese use mobile applications for games and betting in bookmakers which are also banned in the country.
    What can we tell you about the citizens of this country, so that you better understand your target audience?

    1. The Japanese are considered one of the most hardworking nations. Their desire to work grows into a real workaholism. In Japanese there is even the word 過労死 / karōshi/, translated into Russian as " death from overwork”, and with this diagnosis in Japan about 10,000 people die every year.
    2. The Japanese are inquisitive and curious. They like to build theories, test them and test them to a victorious end.
    3. A small difficulty may arise from the fact that the Japanese are law-abiding and fearful. They respect and love their country, and therefore they need to be convinced that there is nothing wrong with the casino, from which they are so carefully protected.
    4. Solving certain problems, the Japanese act on the basis of their previous experience, and not by abstract constructions. Faced with difficult situations, they approach them from a utilitarian perspective. Many researchers of the Japanese national character emphasize that the Japanese immediately accept what is of practical value for them. This corresponds to a kind of Japanese logic of thinking: it is based more on the circumstances than on the given principles.

    What social networks do the Japanese use every day?
    1.Instagram is the first popular social network in the land of the rising sun. Basically, the Japanese spread their selfies and food, lots of food.
    2.Facebook is very popular among residents. Here they mostly write huge posts about their lives, as well as communicate with their friends foreigners.
    3.YouTube-well, the Japanese are fond of it. They like to create channels with video clips on the type of karaoke, so that others appreciate their talents. They love videos of car accidents on Russian roads. They even gave a name and created a tag – おそロシア(jap. osoroshia is a fusion of the words "osoroshi: “ – scary, frightening and ”roshia” - Russia“, respectively”frightening Russia").
    4.NICONICO-the Japanese have their own version of YouTube. Here there are people who are fans of the anime, vocaloids, as there are lots of covers of high quality and beautiful video. Also here you can see the passage of games on smartphones, live broadcasts of programs, TV series, baseball games, etc.

    5.AMEBA is a Japanese social network that focuses on the topic of blogging. Here you can read models, musicians and other famous people. Naturally all again in Japanese. Many Japanese and foreigners are sitting here because of the games. The most popular is called pigu,it is possible to create a character and a house for it, to perform tasks and get paid for it for different goods in the game, have fun and meet people, even stars!!
    6. LINE is messenger, which is impossible to avoid, because every Japanese with the smartphone has Line. Not to have Line for Japanese is as amazing as not to have VK account for the Russian.

    If you want to work with Japan offers, please, text our manager timursplitpro

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    Default Re: Offers that you can't ignore

    Manual: increase the income with revshare on gambling sites without increasing traffic

    Hello, everyone, Artem Prokofiev is in touch.

    Let's go!
    This manual will be useful for those who make sites dedicated to casinos or betting: as a rule, these are reviewers, where we can find the ratings of casinos / bookmakers and special articles for "players".

    For example:

    1) The Pogg

    2) VegasSlotsOnline

    3) Tops Casino Online

    I think it's enough to know which sites we're talking about. All these examples are dedicated to foreign countries, but russian people create same sites for russian market. Many of them are working with us, so we cannot show links to their resources. And everyone who doesn't work with us will be showed sooner or later ))

    We will not tell you in this manual how to create such a site, because while we are far from SEO promotion, we are real professionals in the monetization of these resources, because we know all the trends in the gambling market and actively buy advertising on such sites and convert traffic with ROI more than 100%. Now we write this manual, so each site owner could increase their income and, at least, think about choosing as a reliable partner in gambling offers. Working with us, you would have learned about this topic lots of months ago, because all our partners have been earning almost twice as much from their sites than usual.

    I will tell you how we have come to this approach in general, what kind of thoughts and knowledge helped us to develop this approach:

    Fact 1: For the last 5 years Internet traffic has passed from desktop to mobile, everybody is watching sites from phones, 80%+ of traffic on the site is now mobile.

    Fact 2: 70-80% of all mobile traffic is Android.

    Fact 3: Working in other niches, we have found out that if a person installs a mobile application of a casino, he is 2 times more likely to return there, so he makes deposits oftener, which directly affects the income of a casino. The players more often come back because the application is always near and he is also getting push notifications, which can return him.

    Now let's combine FACT #3 and think how we can introduce these people not just to the site, but also to mobile application? How can we make them come back more often.

    The answer is simple: add a button to install the application instead of going to the casino site (you can use the Google icon), this button is shown only when we see that a person came from mobile traffic and with android, and as we understand from Fact #1 and #2 - it's about 60-70% of total traffic.

    You want to know how to get a mobile casino app because most brands don't have one. Especially the one which will register that player is attracted by you. There are 2 options to solve this problem:

    1) Make your own .APK application, which in webview will open your referral link and in fact work as a browser, but it will be like an application on the desktop of the player's phone. When a person pushes the button, he starts downloading that app and then he has to install it. (You do not need to put the application into Play Market).

    2) (HIT!) Make a PWA application, when a player presses the button, the application will be immediately installed on the phone. PWA apps have a much better conversion rate than APK apps.

    Test your application to see if it works properly. Mini checklist:

    1) It is necessary to save the state of the built-in browser (webview) for the user (session, cookies, localstorage) and to restore it at the next opening of the site. SO THAT A PERSON DOES NOT HAVE TO LOG IN AGAIN

    2) Insert Firebase and Onesignal SDK to be able to send push-notification with URL links

    3) When a webview opens on top of the site, on the left there should always be a button back, which will open the previous page in the webview (roughly speaking, a user surfs the sections of the site in webview, and there is a button that will bring him back to the previous page) - BUTTON BACK IN WEBVIEW

    4) When turning the phone, the browser must adapt

    For all publishers provides personal mobile applications .apk and PWA. Simply register and write to your manager that you would like to receive the app for offer and get it within 24 hours. We have more than 750 offers on any GEO (it is the biggest choice on the market and there is a lot of exclusivity for different countries, which have a very high conversion rates).

    Add mobile app installation button to your ratings and increase the profit on mobile android traffic with

    Thank you all for your attention!

    If you want to work with us, please, text our manager timursplitpro

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    Default Re: Offers that you can't ignore

    Features of work with the target audience of Italy

    In order not to waste time, right from France we decided to go to Italy. It was Italy that became the first country in the world where the Il Ridotto gambling house was opened in 1638.
    Italy is a country located in the heart of the Mediterranean with a population of just over 60 million people. Almost the entire population is Catholics, and this is not surprising, because the center of all Catholic life is Vatican City State, located in Rome.

    From an economic perspective, Italy ranks 28th in terms of GDP per capita.

    In contrast to France, Italy is far behind in terms of wages. The average salary is about 2000 euros. However, the salary of different employees may differ by 11 times, which is unacceptable for France, for Germany, and even for small Ireland.

    As we said before, Italy became the first country in the world where the casino was opened. Like the French, Italians considered gambling a fascinating hobby and only aristocrats were worthy of it. Although Italians are ardent Catholics, and the Church never welcomed gambling, still their warm heart could not live without a game. At that time, the gambling house was opened with one goal - to raise more money for the treasury. Large and small casinos started opening all over the country, and when the mafia appeared in the second half of the 19th century, different clans quickly distributed all the establishments among themselves.

    In 1919 all gambling houses were closed at the legislative level, and when in 1922 Benito Mussolini headed the government, he decided that closing the casinos would do no good and came up with a whole scheme for building casinos that had to intercept local residents and prevent them from filling the pockets of casinos in other states. There are only 4 gambling houses operating in Italy since then: on the border with Switzerland in Campione, on the border with France in Sanremo, and near the Mont Blanc tunnel, and also in Venice, for all those who heading to Slovenia.
    Why do we like the target audience of Italy, and what kind of people are Italians?

    • Italians, like all southerners, are very hot-tempered people. Excitement is in the southerners ' blood.
    • Unfortunately for Italians and fortunately for us, due to the fact that there are not so many gambling houses in the country, all game lovers have begun to go online. Ordinary casinos today work mainly for wealthy tourists who come not only to relax, but also to try their fortune.
    • Italians love to enjoy life in all its forms. They live relaxed and try not to worry if there's nothing they can do. Italians really know how to enjoy life, Siesta is proof of that. So the main thing in the game is the process, not the result.
    • Italy was the first European country that officially allowed online casinos. In 2010, online gambling was legalized in the country. All persons over the age of 18 can freely play cards or spin slots.
    • Italian laws are considered the most optimal and loyal to online gambling business.
    • The number of Internet users reaches approximately 60% of the population. This is important because Italians are very sociable, and Italians use social networks more often than other Europeans, so mobile Internet prevails. This is faster and easier.

    Now about social networks, and where to look for Italians?

    1. Facebook is the most popular network for sharing content.
    2. WhatsApp is a leader among messengers.
    3. Instagram - surprisingly, but only 6% of Internet users in Italy use this social network, this is also important to take into account when working and not to get your hopes up.
    4. Search traffic. Buying traffic from the contextual advertising for common keywords and key requests of competitors. You can contact us and ask for the keywords of your competitors ' brands and we will give you them.
    5. Mobile apps. Average conversion rate from click to registration is 1 to 5, from registration to deposit is 1 to 20. As you know, we give our webmasters ready-made Google Play|App Store mobile apps. Text your personal manager to get the app/find out about the availability of apps.

    Here we finish our story about Italy and we suggest you work with this GEO.

    If you want to work with Italian offers, please, text to our managers @GamblingProMax or @GamblingProStas on Telegram.

    We have lots of cases in Russian language, unfortunately, we haven’t translated all of them yet, but with the help of translator you can read them all on

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    Default Re: Offers that you can't ignore

    Search for bloggers on Instagram

    Hi, guys! When working with Instagram, one of the steps is to search for bloggers who will post a story with a mention of your account with schemes.

    We already wrote that in our work we use this service to find the right bloggers:

    But let's take a closer look at how to find a blogger and make effective advertising.

    Today Instagram strictly monitors and bans all illegal ways of promotion (mass following, mass liking, fraud - all these are outdated and forbidden ways of promotion).

    Why do we need bloggers and what do they give us?

    1. The first and main thing is to attract an audience. A blogger recommends you, places a link to your account in his or her profile and gives the opportunity to subscribe to you.

    2. Bloggers prepare the audience for your account. A blogger is a person who earns money from his or her audience, he/she gathers the audience long and painstakingly. If a blogger is really good, then he/she is able to influence the audience. Thus, a properly made ad will lead to you those people who are ready to take your information.

    3. In our case, increasing conversions is the ultimate goal of advertising.

    We can get all these results only in collaboration with real work pages and their owners.

    How we can search for bloggers in addition to services:

    1. Use hashtags - first, think about what queries will be interesting to your target audience, enter them in the search and see what options you have. The TOP section contains photos that have received a large number of likes, usually they belong to popular bloggers.

    2. Services - as we have already said, this is a fairly simple and effective option. You enter all the search parameters that you think are necessary for your future ads. The service will show you all possible options. After that, you will need to text all the owners and find out the placement price, analyze and agree on the ad.

    3. Search for bloggers by GEO. You have to understand what audience you will be working with. It is unlikely that an Asian will be subscribed to a Russian person and the other way around. If the work is aimed at a foreign target audience - get ready to communicate in a foreign language.

    !Important! Note that in most cases bloggers have another page to text them about PR. So, the probability of a response is extremely low if you just send them a message to the main page. Usually bloggers have a lot of different messages there, while their assistants solve all the issues on an additional page. Look for a link to this page in the profile description or in highlights stories. Another contact may be given there.

    After you compile a list of bloggers, you need to analyze their accounts in more detail. You have to pay attention to:

    1. Fraud and activity in the profile. If the page owner has 500k followers and 100 likes , this is not our option. Let it be 10K followers - but there will also be more than 1000 likes and different comments.

    2. One more life hack - check if people who like photos and comment on posts on the account are subscribed. If most of them are not subscribed to the blog that they like, this is may be fraud.

    3. Content - it should be diverse. Now you can run personal blogs on instagram. Check out the posts: are they interesting to you? Just a picture with a bunch of hashtags no longer attracts anyone. Posts should be written correctly, and topics should be interesting.

    4. Who is this blogger? It is unlikely that a mom on maternity leave who writes about diapers can attract to you any players. And the other way around, a person who drives a Porsche and writes about his earnings, most likely, will not be able to adequately advertise infant formula. Focus on this.

    How to check a blogger:

    1. Telegram channels will help us. @badlistblogger - here you can find a list of all unscrupulous bloggers. In the search enter your nickname and if there is no yours, so this is good. @fromBerek - Olga Berek's channel. Today here you can find more than 700 reviews about different bloggers. Reviews can be positive or negative. The channel owner gives detailed comments about popular bloggers. The disadvantage of this verification option is that all reviews are only about Russian pages.

    2. Instalogiya -, this is a chat where you can find new reviews about ads from different bloggers, and also bloggers post here a schedule of upcoming posts on Instagram.

    3. Calculate ER (engagement rate). The basic formula looks like this: likes + comments / followers * 100%. To make the calculation plausible use 15-20 recent publications.

    4. Check accounts for fraud. Use - this service does a good job. It shows detailed statistics on the audience.

    5. Ask bloggers to send you screenshots with account statistics. (Here we hope for the integrity of the person). It's better to ask bloggers to send you screenshots of their stories statistics. This will not cause any questions if everything is ok with instagram profile.

    What you should never do:

    1. Do not work with accounts that post birds, cats and dogs. These pages are only for entertainment purposes.

    2. Do not work with accounts that have only beautiful photos. The main strength of a blogger is the ability to influence the audience. No communication with followers - no trust and interest. We don't need that.

    3. You don't have to work only with top bloggers. Their price is usually very high.

    Now the most important thing is WHO ARE WE LOOKING FOR?

    1. For gambling - look for accounts about entertainment, earning money, video games. Assess the portrait of your target audience.

    2. For betting - look for sports fans, fans of extreme recreation.

    3. And another option - a beautiful life with hints “how to become as cool as I am".

    So, this is the most basic steps that you definitely can not avoid when you search for bloggers.

    Don't forget that when searching for a blogger, you should always put yourself in the position of your target audience! If you do everything right, you will be happy.

    We wish you success and lots of real followers!

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    Default Re: Offers that you can't ignore

    Case: $20,000 on context to the brand. Easy scheme for people who are working with Adwords.
    Today I will tell you once again how to start making good money with Google Adwords or Yandex Direct. If you work in foreign countries or with other contextual advertising networks like Yahoo and others, this subject works and brings profit everywhere.
    Buying traffic for gambling offers from context is easier than setting up Facebook on a mobile app!
    And the ROI is much more stable!
    What is the real "Context to the brand"?
    First of all you will need:
    1) Adwords account
    2) Offer, which allows context to the brand (our team in has already collected for you the biggest selection of such offers for more than 30 GEOs)
    3) Collect a list of the most popular bookmakers or casinos in the country you want to work with
    4) Start the campaign, go through auto-moderation - get a profit!
    Now in order:
    In this case, I will tell our experience and share those offers, which take the context to brand in Russia :
    1) -TOP offer even split is not necessary, and the rates can raise to heaven with the volume, although from the start you get $80 -cool!
    In Russia, it's hard to buy context to a casino brand, because the keys like Vulkan, etc. are in black list in Google and Yandex, so I recommend you to start with betting. If you are professional and you can find a non-standard approach in order not to use the keys like Vulkan, you will be very successful in the casino.
    Now let's discuss how to collect the list of the most popular Bookmaker/Casino in Russia. There are lots of options. One of them, for example, is a service that has been recently released by Yandex - Radar. It makes approximate estimate of the attendance of resources, here is the link -
    As I have already said, there are lots of ways. It's especially easy when you live in the country you're setting up your advertising for, but when you're buying traffic for offers on foreign countries , you need to be smart or ask your support manager for the keys.
    Once again I will explain to those who did not understand: we will use different variations of the names of these brands as keywords, which will spin our ads.
    A small example of how it will look like in Google, and also examples of another publishers:

    As you can see, keyword is 1xbet, but top 2 ads in search list are other bookmakers...
    Now we have moved on specific description of 2 ways in context to the brand:
    1) Use bookmaker's key for the same bookmaker
    2) Use Bookmaker's key for the competitive bookmaker
    Let's have a look at our case and check how we used 1xbet keys on Mostbet bookmaker:
    You can ask yourself: will people who are searching 1xbet go through advertising and register/play in another bookmaker? - The answer is "YES"!
    For you to understand the target audience better: people who want to bet, try their luck and raise money and that's it! They don't care if it's 1xbet or mostbet, it's better, of course, to convert them to 1xbet (but they doesn't accept the context to the brand), but also the convert which we see on Mostbet allows us to work with good profit and 100% ROI.
    Of course, it's not simple. The pre-land is also important. And if in the case of Mostbet, this bookmaker has taken care of the publishers and made a landing for registration, which looks like this:

    User clicks on advertising 1xbet - and immediately appears the form of registration, without logos and other things, but the whole styling of the form and background copies corporate identity of 1xbet, this helps to significantly increase the rate of conversion to registration. And when player is redirected to the main page of Mostbet, he does not care about the name of the bookmaker. He thinks that this is the way it should be. We give such prelanding pages in not only for 1xbet, but also for other brands. Write to the manager and he will give it.
    It should be noted that quality of such traffic is good and you may don't look at the base rate in our network: after first 20-30 deposits, the advertiser changes the rate and gives maximum to you.
    P.S. We have noticed from our tests that quality of traffic is much better when there are some major sporting events, and people bring a lot of money. If there are no events, the quality is average, and bookmakers will not raise rates too high.
    Also I will tell you more options that you can do to run context from one brand to another:
    People make prelending pages of the following type: an N bookmaker is a shit and cheater, but here there is another one where you can be paid and withdraw any amount, go here to that bookmaker - and a link to competitor (approach through the negative opinion to the brand, which key is used)
    Someone makes their own ratings, where the first place with good reviews is given to the bookmaker, which publisher is advertising, and the one which key is used.
    It should be noted that if you find a GEO or get in such time, when all other ads are banned by Google, traffic will cost you pennies, and ROI will reach 300%.
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________
    We were buying traffic with variable success (when accounts were banned) in March and April income was $20640
    Google accounts expenses totaled about $10,000
    Net profit: $10,640!
    And this is without much knowledge in context! And you can also optimize which keys bring the best quality traffic at the lowest price.
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________
    Now let's move on to the second approach - when the brand allows to buy traffic to their brand by CPA or Revenue Share. For example, Mostbet allows to bring traffic by Mostbet keys: buy context traffic and sell it to them via CPA. (In fact, this is their traffic, because users are searching them. However, because of the fact that RCN bans regularly links to their resource, they understand that it is more profitable for them than to get less traffic).
    In fact, from my point of view, this is absolutely bad decision: when the brand does not allow context to the brand. The person who has made such a decision simply does not understand how it works. After all, publishers will still advertise on these keys (especially, if you are a popular brand), buy they will take them to other products. If you don't buy it yourself, it will go to another brand! And this is only the smallest problem. Much more the brand will lose from the fact that the way of this "transferring" to another brand goes, as a rule, through negative reputation of the brand on prelanding page, which will motivate to go to another brand, "where everything is fine". A vivid example of those who prohibit the context to their brand is 1xbet, so every day about a thousand of new players do not reach 1xbet, but go to the same Mostbet. So, if someone from 1xbet reads this, I hope it will be useful, and you will at least reconsider your strategy regarding this issue. Or we can work with you to invent approach that will suit you, because we provide this service to many of our advertisers.
    So, back to the context to brand.
    This approach is good because the quality of traffic and the number of players are much higher. In order to understand which brand allows context to its brand, you need to find offer in our system with the corresponding tick.

    We started with CPA model, tested most of the offers, accumulated turns and now we slowly transfering context to RevShare model, when we get the % of the losses made by attracted players. By means of tests, or by asking your manager at, you can find out average payback time of the traffic from context on RevShare. For some offers, our traffic pays off in 1.5-2 months.
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________
    One of the offer with which we worked with context to the brand was Bet-at-Home in Germany. During the first month we got 548 players, then we stopped traffic to check how the players would play. As a result, at the end of the third month, our Revenue Share income was $33,500. Given that we have spent about $24,000 on traffic, the net profit was $9500.

    Flow rate: 24 000$
    Revenue at the end of 3 months: $33,500
    Net Profit: $9,500 + we have 548 players who continue playing and generating stable income. And the most important thing is that it will last a very, very long time!
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________
    P.S. When there is a major event in the world of sports, the income on RevShare breaks all records.
    Revenue Share is excellent investment, especially in foreign offers:
    a) Very long life of a player, many of them play constantly for several years on the same website
    b) The average rate is significantly higher than in Russia
    c) Payback of traffic lasts up to 3-5 months
    If you want to work with us, please, write to our managers @GamblingProMax or @GamblingProStas in Telegram.

    We have lots of cases in Russian language, unfortunately, we haven’t translated all of them yet, but with the help of translator you can read them all on

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    Default Re: Offers that you can't ignore

    Features of work with the target audience of France

    This is a country of Degas dancers, freshly-baked croissants and Paris Saint-Germain.
    We haven't traveled with you for a long time...and so we decided to resume our trip from the country that is the dream of many travelers - from France.

    France is a country located in Western Europe with a population of 66 million people. The country is secular, and therefore more than 40% of citizens do not consider themselves to any religion.

    The official state language is French.

    The country is one of the first in the world in terms of industrial production, and in terms of GDP France is the 5th largest economic power. The minimum wage fixed at the state level is just over 1,500 euros per month, while the average wage is about 2,900 euros.

    Now why do we recommend paying attention to France?

    There is a legend that cards in their well-known form were invented in France, this is not quite true, but even the French believe it! In the country gambling appeared approximately in the 16th century. The fashion for cards was introduced by the French aristocracy, which considered games one of the best hobbies for real men.

    When in 1624 the “Red Cardinal” Richelieu became the first minister of the French king, a real hunt began for the players. All gambling houses, that were actively developed during the reign of Henry III, were required to pay huge fines, and then their activities were simply unprofitable for the holders.

    Some time after new people came to power, the situation changed again. Cardinal Mazarin lifted the ban on games, roulette came into fashion, and a special tax was imposed on the activities of gambling houses. The Treasury was actively replenished.

    So the whole gambling business of France lasted until 1907, when the current French Interior Minister officially legalized games at the country's resorts, and at the same time, a law was introduced, according to which it was forbidden to open a casino within a radius of less than 100 km from the borders of Paris.

    To date, the situation has not changed, every year the Cote d'Azur attracts thousands of tourists not only by its mild climate and lifestyle, but also by the most luxurious casinos.

    Most of the French do not visit these casinos. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, the resort is considered an expensive pleasure. Just like the casinos that are built there. In most cases, you should pay to enter there and also there is a strictly regulated dress code.

    That's why with the development of online casinos, the French abruptly switched there. In 2010, the law legalizing that business was approved at the state level. Moreover, officially French citizens were allowed to play from the age of 18, and not from the age of 21, as in most countries of the world.

    The development of the online industry is monitored by several organizations that not only issue licenses, but also fine unlicensed operators.

    So what are they like, the French players, and what you need to remember:

    1. As we have already said, the excitement of the French was cultivated and developed within the history of the entire country. And so, French citizens are really playful. The French love not only casinos, but also lotteries, which indicates their passion for excitement, and not for the goal to get money.
    2. According to a survey conducted by Insee, more than half of the French people play slot machines or roulette and also bet on horse racing or sports.
    3. The French don't like English. The reason for this is again in the history, but we will not get into details. Just remember that if you want to work with a French audience, speak only French.
    4. More than 80% of French people are active Internet users, and more than half of them use mobile phones.

    What social networks the French use:

    1. Facebook is the most popular social network in the country. The French use it the same way as in most countries of the world: they post photos, share their news and thoughts, and communicate with each other in messenger.
    2. SkyRock is a French social network that has been operating since 2002 and is one of the ten most popular social networks in the world. The network has more than 2 million users. It initially resembled LiveJournal, now it is a mixture of LiveJournal and instagram.
    3. The next one is Instagram.
    4. So, Telegram completes the list. It is the most popular messenger. Even Macron uses Telegram to communicate with officials and with the people closest to him.

    Here we finish our story about France and we suggest you work with this GEO.

    If you want to work with French offers, please, text our managers @GamblingproKirill @GamblingproDmitry @Gamblingpro_Max on Telegram.

    We have lots of cases in Russian language, unfortunately, we haven’t translated all of them yet, but with the help of translator you can read them all on

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    Default Re: Offers that you can't ignore

    Features of work with the target audience of Australia

    Australia is so far away and unfamiliar, a country of kangaroos and platypuses, crocodiles and koalas, aborigines and surfers. Today we decided to go to another hemisphere of the earth to plunge into a new world, and understand how people live on another continent.

    So, let's go…

    Australia is one of the developed countries, in terms of GDP per capita it ranks sixth in the world. The majority of the Australian population are descendants of immigrants from the 19th and 20th centuries, who came from Great Britain and Ireland, and so the official language in the country is English. At the end of 2018, the number of inhabitants was 25.2 million people. In quality of life, Australia is firmly in the sixth place, and the average monthly salary is about 5.5 thousand Australian dollars (about 240 thousand rubles), and in Canberra (the capital of Australia), you can get 7,000 a month.

    In Australia the history of gambling begins with the arrival of the first settlers. As you know, the British exiled criminals to another continent, and those were always distinguished by a love of excitement. And in their spare moments, they came up with new games. Since that moment, gambling was traditionally considered the main fun of the country's residents.

    Because England set trends (remind you that Australia was a colony of Great Britain until the 20th century), and since the beginning of the 17th century all the English became ardent fans of horse racing. Then 2 centuries later, by the beginning of the 19th century, horse racing appeared in Australia too. This is how bets appeared on the continent.

    Today, Australians are considered one of the main fans of gambling. In Australia ground casinos are very, very actively visited by locals. They play roulette, blackjack, baccara - well, they play all kinds of gambling) Ground casinos and online platforms are fully legalized. The first online casino was opened in the 90s of the last century, and since then it became part of Australians' lives.

    According to statistics, almost every Australian spends $ 1300 on online casinos every year. This is one of the highest rates among other countries.

    It is worth noting that Australia is so open to gambling, unlike most countries, and so it is allowed to advertise gambling houses on television, radio, on the Internet and on any other platforms there. Of course, only registered providers can be officially advertised on the Internet, but such an approach greatly fuels interest in games.

    What are they like, Australians?

    1. Well, the first and main thing, actually we have already talked about it, but we remind you, Australians are very fond of gambling. Excitement is in their blood and it is passed on through generations. For that reason it’s really easy to work with them. Moreover, they take gambling as entertainment, and not as a way of earning money. And you should take this fact into account when developing your creative.

    2. Australians are individualists. They value each other's personal space and interests. They never criticize other people's habits, appearance, outlook on life, they do not teach others their own rules. They are liberal and friendly towards the people around them. They also do not feel any restrictions from society, no one looks at them with judgmental eyes.

    3. Residents of the country freely criticize the authorities, the government and their actions. If they don’t like something, don’t like some processes that take place in the country, they always openly talk about it. Moreover, they have a categorically negative attitude to class inequality.

    4. In Australia, it is not common practice to live in large families. Young people start independent life while they study or after graduation. This is possible due to government support, aimed at job creation. Young specialists can always find a job with a very good salary. So young citizens become financially independent quite early.

    5. Citizens of the country, as we have already said, speak English. But there is a lot of slang and abbreviations in their speech. For example, the word barbecue can be abbreviated in barbie. Of course, they will understand you without abbreviations. But when developing a creative, consider this difference between British English and Australian English.

    6. Australians love to relax. They don't live to work and they don't work to live. Recreation and entertainment prevail over work. Australians celebrate all national holidays and weekends.

    All these factors make Australia a wonderful market, and the country's citizens an ideal target audience. As Caucasians never become alcoholics, so Australians almost never have addiction to gambling. For them, casino is a game. This is not a forbidden fruit, as in some other countries. If you play, no one will judge you, people do not think that game is an addiction. Well, Australians are just perfect for us.

    Let's look at what social networks Australians use:

    1. Let's start with the fact that, as in most developed countries, Australians prefer mobile phones to computers, and so mobile traffic prevails.

    2. The first most popular and frequently requested site is Google.

    3. The second one is the social network Facebook.

    4. YouTube comes next.

    5. Well, Instagram completes the list.

    Here we finish our story about Australia and we suggest you work with this GEO.

    If you want to work with Australian offers, please, text our managers @GamblingproKirill @GamblingproDmitry @Gamblingpro_Max on Telegram.

    We have lots of cases in Russian language, unfortunately, we haven’t translated all of them yet, but with the help of translator you can read them all on

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    Features of work with the target audience of Germany

    Germany is a country in Central Europe with a population of just over 82 million people. A state with a very interesting history of development not only of society, but also of the gambling business.
    To begin with, is there a casino in the country at the moment? Of course, yes. There are about 70 of them. Moreover, Forbes casino in Baden-Baden is considered one of the oldest and most beautiful casinos in the world. In addition to casinos in Germany you can find about 12,000 halls with slot machines and 24,000 lottery agencies.

    How did the gambling business develop in Germany? Even in the middle ages, card games already began to appear on the territory of the country. In 1377, a monk from the city of Freiburg mentioned playing cards in his story. After playing cards appeared in Europe, the German city of Ulm became the capital of card production and the main exporter for all other European countries.

    Why did Germany become one of the capitals of excitement? Because this country was quite well developed from an economic point of view, and gambling always loved money.

    The first casino was opened in 1765 in Baden-Baden, it was a resort city that attracted high society from all over the world. The casino owners decided that people who came to the resort to relax their bodies would also be happy to relax their spirits, and so the most luxurious casinos, resembling palaces of kings, began to open there. It is known that F. Dostoevsky was inspired to write the novel “The Player” when he was at Kurhaus Casino Baden-Baden. I. Turgenev, M. Glinka, L. Tolstoy and even A. Stolypin visited that casino, all because gambling was considered the best entertainment for the strong people of this world.
    At the legislative level it was decided to close all casinos from 1872 to 1933, and in 1934 Baden-Baden began to welcome players and foreign visitors from all over the world again,to get a taste of the excitement and play another game.

    What is happening with the casino now? Since Germany is still an economically developed country, in the ranking of countries by total GDP it takes the 4th place, and the average wage reaches 3771 euros, and it is popular among Germans to go to casinos in other countries, especially in America. In addition, with the development of the Internet, more and more people go online. There are currently more than 72 million users in Germany, and 57% of them are mobile traffic users.

    Online casinos in Germany

    Surprisingly, online business is still poorly regulated in the country. The first online casino in the country was launched in 1995. In 2008, Germany enacted a law that forbade opening an online casino. In the world the law was negatively received and that's why in 2012, Germany issued 50 licenses to domestic companies. The situation has not actually changed since then, and Germans only have access to foreign online casinos that are translated into German or English.

    Why is it interesting and profitable to work with Germans?|

    • Well, first of all, Germany is traditionally considered a country of very precise, strict and reasonable people. They are always rational, efficient and accurate. However, Germans are known not only for Mercedes and BMW, but also for the Oktoberfest, Bergkirchweih festival, the largest parade of sexual minorities and, of course, porn. This means that Germans know how to have fun)))) And all those who believe that Germans will not spend their money on gambling are completely wrong. They will play to relax, to go beyond the daily routine, to just get high.

    • As always, our target audience is 21+. But still, we would more accurately indicate the age from 27 to 35 years. Germany is a country of specialists, so the average salary increases with each year of experience. Thus, the average salary in this age segment approaches 4 thousand euros per month. And this is a solvent audience.

    • Germans love to work, but they love to relax even more. They really value their free time. If you have ever been to Germany, you will certainly remember what happens on Sunday after morning prayers in church. That's right, all Germans go to the pub for a beer and a portion of weisswurst with mustard and pretzel. This is because weekends are cut out for relaxation, and gambling is relaxation.

    About social networks it is worth noting that:

    1. Search traffic is in the first place. (Google is the most frequently used option in German)

    2. Then there are social networks for communication. Facebook and Twitter are leading. The analog of Russian Odnoklassniki comes next - It is mainly used by Germans aged 30 and over.
    3. The next one is Instagram.
    4. Dating sites complete the rating.

    Here we finish our story about Germany and we suggest you work with this GEO.

    If you want to work with German offers, please, text our managers @GamblingproKirill @GamblingproDmitry @Gamblingpro_Max on Telegram.

    We have lots of cases in Russian language, unfortunately, we haven’t translated all of them yet, but with the help of translator you can read them all on

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    Default Re: Offers that you can't ignore

    Friends, we are happy to present you a top case that brought 33 million roubles!

    Schemes, schemes - there were many of them, and the more their number became, the more the quality suffered. In the case we tell you how we have come up with the coolest idea of a symbiosis of mobile apps with schemes and have got an installation price 35 cents! The source was UAC and it was a completely new format for working with gambling!

    From this case you will learn:

    What is a hack app and how did we come up with this idea?
    How does a hack app work and what's inside?
    How was 7 000 000 rubles lost due to an error?
    Where and how did we generate traffic?
    Cost screenshots
    What was our ROI?

    We fully revealed the topic and showed what and how was done to create a new format. This is a symbiosis of mobile apps and schemes! We always have something to surprise you!

    Be quick about reading it and wish you high ROI!

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