Franchise is neglected so they can develop another arcade mode they could profit on. Just give someone else simulation and also let madden make their pirate micro trade game. Ridiculous. Will the avatar function as the same 9 faces they've needed for CAP in the last 6 decades? They seem to be along the lines of their face production they've had for face of the franchise. Wish franchise will have face creation for custom draft class and create a player... You could say that for most modes besides franchise and a celebrity mode. Will you be able to play this from the AI? Haha that's all I really care about. I suck ass but love the game and I always get dominated playing against other men and women haha.

Guarantee this move will have no thickness to it and also be dead in a month just like FIFAs version. Why do all the Ea games have to have exactly the same modes? Like I predicted this coming out months past cause NHL has 3v3, FIFA includes a 3v3 style (without a goalie ) and NBA Live has this mode too. It is identical gameplay just smaller play area from the other EA games. I gotta admit, NHL 3s is one of the most enjoyable sports game modes I have ever played. It takes me back into mascot games in NCAA. Cuz these modes are enjoyable?

Yeah they're but still all 4 games are indistinguishable. It's not fun for bouncing them around in my opinion. And every friend I played in person with these modes anticipate them to become like the street series. It is still normal gameplay though. In 2K from the blacktop manner they place additional crossovers and dunks. They arent identical? They're all totally different sport games that offers their particular take on a smaller, less serious mode. With his logic they should get rid of play now and franchise because those manners are in all of the games too.

I know this is not a cure to franchise. However, this is a wildly cool thought. Being able to play against other people with friends/randoms in a smaller game mode as your own avatar?? Awesome. I would like fixes to franchise in addition to I don't play with anything but franchise. However, this really is a new game style and a new addition to madden which makes the game at least different to madden 20. And so, I'm excited as hell to try this.

And so, I'm excited as hell to attempt this. Well that is the issue, to try it you're going to have to buy the game and purchasing the game simply proves to EA that Franchise doesn't matter. I am also excited to get a style like this but the main issue to me is Franchise improvements not the Yard developments. Until Franchise is much better people who really really want Franchise to enhance should not be buying the game no matter how many shiny bells and whistle game styles they put in there that are going to take funds from provincial mode in future match installments.

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