Are you looking for the meteor defender or the same color matching game? So this Meteor Mania canon shoot game is for you. Meet Walter Wormsworth a great Star that throws without arms and walk without legs. Have you ever seen such a star in any ball matching game or meteor game? I am pretty sure; this is the first time you will see such a Star in this Meteor Mania Ė the best ball shooting game.

The Meteor Mania - meteor dodge is a unique and the best shooting game that contains the attractive features that you didnít see anywhere else. This unique legend shooting game gives you the best experience of action games as well as arcade games. As the game contains a concept of multiple interest categories, if someone is looking for canon shoot game, ball matching game, or meteor attack game, this game gives you the best experience according to your interest.

How to Play Meteor Mania Game:-

As you are aware of Walter Wormsworth, the legend in this canon shooter game. Watch out the meteorites and shoot them with canons, fill up your canons if they are empty. For each set of canons, you will get a chance to hit 12 times to meteorites. The speed of meteorites is gradually increasing, and you have to be active to move left and right and hit them correctly in this meteor attack game. You have to play like a real legend, brace yourself to match, and shoot the exact target.

On the left side of your screen, you can collect the balls from the canon and swipe up to throw them, aim to match the same color. Mainly there are four colors red, green, dark brown, and yellow in this meteor dodge game. Get a ball walk left and right to match the same color. This feature will give you the experience of the real same color matching game.

Hit Target to Get Points:

Match and shoot above the same color ball game will give you at least 10 points, and for every meteorite, you hit with a canon, you will also get more points. Set an aim to hit your target and get the maximum points in the Meteor Mania Ė the legend shooting game.

The game is recommended for both kids and youngsters. This color ball match addictive gameplay lets you play for a long. You can give a challenge to your friends to play together. Letís share this best and unique game with your friends and play for getting high points in the game.

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